Monday, December 9, 2013

When Bloggers and Brands Converge

Marketing through blogs have become a major strategy for emerging and successful business alike. Businesses around the world are increasingly leveraging the power of blogging to enhance their online presence. Let me just point out a few benefits of having bloggers spread the word about a certain business.

First,  the inherent informality of such blogs written in the bloggers own words allows a creative freedom to express without the constraint of a corporate tone and messaging style.  Giving the blog readers a sense of truthfulness and trust-worthiness.

Second, though you have an existing website, without followers it's going to be a dead investment.  Blogs on the other hand can reach thousands of targeted readers at any time at any place.

Third, interactions on blogs with your company's profile on it, is a rich information pool on how people accept your brand's theme, if there is.

Fourth, tapping into a network of bloggers to speak about your products or review your company is another effective blog marketing technique- one like a post-paid, this can be a low cost and effective way to grow your product awareness.

There are a lot more, though, I'll just cut it short for now.  With all those listed, the great people behind When in Manila have organized another event which brought together Blogapalooza bloggers and businesses in one venue to build connections which enable both party to find success.

With this year's Blogapalooza, held at SMX, SM Aura, I met long time blogger friends and caught up with other bloggers who I have been disconnected with and gained more opportunities to benefit this time, either monetary or in any ways to push through with my passion in writing, through my blogs.

Below are the photos I captured on the said event.

I am so excited for next year's Blogapalooza.  So if you have never blogged before, why not try it, there are a lot of opportunities for writers and photographers.  Shoot me an email ( if you need help in setting up one.

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