Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sophie's Mom: My Girls' New Happy Place

   My girls like almost all girls love to bask in pink stuff.  It's their official color, don't you think?  In our house alone, in the kids room, where we also sleep (because it's bigger and saving up on air con costs), splashes of pink and purple are everywhere.  Oh yes even in the living room, where their toys, books and other art supplies are perched on some places.  They even planned to dye our puppy pink. LOL!
   Though that is the case, my husband didn't mind.
   So when I found out that Sophie's Mom have branched out at McKinley Hill, I made sure to have my kids check it out.  And boy, they were in for a treat!
   As expected, come Sunday, before we attended the church service at New Life the Fort, we passed by The Piazza, but as the guards advised me that the shop is located at Tuscany, we don't have an option but to walk towards it.
   But the walk towards the place was leisurely, my daughters even kept asking us, if the place really look like the ones in Italy.  Which we suggested yes, somehow, "but the buildings in Italy are vintage and more classic," Daddy explained, well for one, they are centuries old.   It was nice to bring back the memories of our trip years ago at Milan, seems like a piece of Italy in Manila was brought nearer to us.

   As soon as we reached the middle part of the Tuscany's facade, my two girls already saw the pink umbrellas, so I told  them that we are near and they already knew that the surprise would be a very pink one.

   PINK is how I would identify Sophie's Mom with!  Why not?  Pink is not only the color that girls, even my girls, love, it also denoted as a  delicate color that means sweet, nice, playful, cute, romantic, charming, feminine, and tenderness, and mostly associated with bubble gum, flowers, babies, little girls, cotton candy, and sweetness.
   Pink indeed is their color and character to say the least, and at Sophie's, we didn't just feel the girly vibe,  it's also the warm welcome of the people behind it, the sugary goodness that entices you to stay and that feel when you just want to live in a real-life dollhouse.
   Every simple touches of country, shabby-chic furniture, being a crafter by heart, you know that the new baby girl of Tonette Rosel and friends have been a showcase of unconditional love, of sharing and of nurturing.   See the picture above, where the cup board staples such as bread containers and bundth pans were made in to lamps, that is so clever and cute!
   The place is so homey, and it's a good venue to hold a girl's birthday party, well I think boys can have them too here, I know Ms. Tonette can toss in wonderful ideas for a themed party.  They have seating outside under those huge pink umbrellas, or on the sofa inside, or have your meeting and gatherings at the second floor area.
    With no further adoo, let me share you some of the cupcakes we had, making the afternoon, one that would make us all go back, again and again.  Above, is one of my favorite, Dulce De Leche, a super moist dark chocolate-flavored cake, with yema-like filling.
    My youngest girl, had Black and White Chocolate Cupcake (P 65).  I think it's a mix of white and dark chocolate.  What I like about their cakes is that they are not too sweet, so you can have have more than two without getting tired of it being cloying.
   This one - the Rainbow Burst,  made me really missed baking, for the family.  I remembered making dozens of these with my 15- year old daughter.   So I guess this is true about one of the calming and beautiful effects of the color pink, which  reminds one of earlier childhood memories or of precious past experiences, mostly associated with nurturing and comfort from a mother figure or a loved one.
   With my daughter's smile, don't you think this is just a cheat day for her?  It's more than that actually.  And as expected she said she wanted to celebrate her next birthday here!
One thing that's worth a mention is how these cupcakes sparked up her last birthday party.  Read about it HERE...
   It was an honor to have finally met, Sophie's mom herself, Tonette Rosel, the mom-baker who had been on top of all the customer's pastry and party needs, with my two belles, leaving a few messages for Sophie's Mom.
   The McKinley branch is actually the newest of the six pop up stores and bakeries and one she consider's another happy place.

    When you come by, don't forget to leave some love, by writing some message on their guest board. 
 Yey, my girls had their posts up on the middle! 

Address:  Tuscany, Upper Mckinley Road, Mckinley Hill, Taguig City
Facebook:  Sophie's Mom


  1. lots of great things to see and read on your page, thanks for following me. I followed.

  2. Hi, san kami pwede magpark if may dala kami car? Will visit Sophie's tomorrow night. Thanks!

    1. HI Erwin! Thanks for dropping by. You can park right in front of the Tuscany, and ample parking are reserved for diners along the McKinley Hill.


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