Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Joyful 40th Birthday!!!

Last Friday, that's July 12, my husband and I scrammed our way through C5's  traffi, to go to a party.   We know we might be the only one to arrive late.  Our car was on coding, we don't know who to leave the kids with, we can't find someone to inject insulin to our daughter and husband is suffering form migraine.   I think you know where I'm leading at and for sure you will definitely advise me not to come to the party anymore.

But hey, how can you not celebrate the birthday of a person who I know has that personality that would drive you crazy.  ( So I just want to give you the biggest commendation John!)  Seriously, I found a person with a big heart, always ready to share, always donning a beautiful smile and has that same name that I do.


What her name defines her maybe different from mine, anyways, that is only our nickname.

What surprised me though was her birthday was a mix of reunion, children's party and more.  It was her 40th birthday celebration party, btw.  Her family, friends and relatives came wearing wigs and of course smiles.

What really poked my heart on that night was a realization that life can be made more exciting and more hopeful.  Of course she planned for it and made a program for everyone and I thought she would also be the one to host her own party.   By the end of the program, her host or co-host called a number of men and boys, 18 of the to be exact, and hubby is one of them.   I never realized what they are to do, with such a number, thought it would be another game.  As the host had everyone called up front, she told a story about how she wasn't able to have her debut party.  Her mom was ailing at that time and died in the following years.

As Star, the host, went on with the story, she then enthused that the men will be dancing with her.  It's Joy's 18th post-Debut dance at her 40th birthday.  Why not!  She was all aglow dancing with her dad, brother, uncles, cousins, sons and friends, and of course John her husband.

With that I came to realize that it is never too late for anything.  John and Joy took them this long to conclude an 18 Dance.  I never had a debut party myself because my parents can't afford anymore, because 2 us are in college already and she is the only one working for the family, plus both my parents are in Milan, Italy.

So, who knows, life is full of surprises!  Maybe you can also have your dream wedding even in the following years.

Thanks for the gift you gave me, Joy!
Imagine it was your birthday and yet you were the one giving gifts for your guests!  (Parang nag-event lang ako, hihi)

Do you have one special experience where you realized how blessed you are to be able do what you have been wanting to do for a long time?

Do share them on the comment box below and let's share hopes to many.

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