Wednesday, July 31, 2013

All Roads Lead to WOFEX 2013

   This day marked the opening  of this year's World Food Expo.   Even the strong rain and flood did not dampen my spirit and refrain me from attending the first day.  Oh boy, let me tell you that a day is inadequate to learn more about the trends in the food industry.  Good thing the event will run until August 3, 2013.  So we all still have until Saturday to plan out what activities we want to get in to at the grandest food event in the country.
   Would you like to know how my visit went on its first day?
I'm a regular visitor of food expos and WOFEX is very much in y vocabulary already, because in events like this you not only get acquainted with new technologies but a few tricks and treats come as well.

   So what else would come first on your mind when you go to events like this- FOOD, glorious food, and free-sampling at that.  I got home with new items, like imported cheeses that are cost way cheaper than on the stores outside.  Everywhere you go, there lay a spread of product samples.  Some brand's staff are actually giving them away.

   Also, I got to attend a seminar from WOFEX UNIVERSITY.  Chef Buddy Trinidad, owner and chef of Park Avenue Desserts, entertained us while teaching us how to make the new wave in the pastry/foodie scene- Cronuts, Brookie and more.  His antics and anecdotes made the seminar very lively and interactive.

   The attendees where all eyes on him as he gave out simple to follow recipes and introduced a couple of products which made his baking business easier.  I live near Magallanes where PAD is located and I'm a fan of his creations, so there is no doubt that these babies would not last before the end of the workshop.  And true enough, when he gave that cue that we all can go up the stage and sample everything he did, everyone came running and eagerly lined up to have their turn with a "mouthful" of the famed Cronut.  A cronut is actually a cross between a croissant and doughnut.  It's basically a croissant batter that isn't rolled like a shell and baked but rather deep fried, bathed in cinnamon sugar and laced with chocolate ganache.  A croissant formed into a doughnut as I may say it.  And yes, it's the next big thing to the New York crazed pastry.

Some other products made during the Sweet Demo were, Brookie, made from Brownie Mix baked on a mini muffin cup, topped with chocolate a chip cookie dough, pralines, and his not-so-ordinary Chocolate Moist Cake.

Chef Buddy's skeleton and Eiffel Tower shaped pralines with a trick using a torch on how to easily fuse two pralines without the mess.

   On the two venues, SMX MOA and World Trade Center, a list of activities are seen posted at the entrances.  Demos are held now and then and schedules of the Philippine Culinary Cup should not be missed as well.

   I was blessed enough to also have visited the booth of Breville Phils.and seeing Chef Patricia Azada as she oriented me with their ingenious products.  They are not only cutting off a fraction of their products original price, they are giving away surprises as well in the form of gift items and very interesting demos.

   And thus, I got to stay awhile longer to watch Raw Chef Margo Lao as she made granola, power green juice, kakang gata shots and oatmeal, all with the help of Breville's top of the line products.  I got so fascinated by the way, with their juicer.  I actually have my eyes set already on a certain slow-juicer but according to Chef Patricia theirs work finely well, as it can also juice leafy vegetables, with the same juice a slow juicer would give and without the hassle of changing discs if you want to mix solid fruits with leafy veggies.  "Works well for lazy but health-conscious people and neat-freaks, like me," as Chef Margo enthused.

   Lastly, we get to sell a few items for the book project I'm advocating for - the EAT AND CHEAT Book.

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