Monday, March 5, 2012

A Tweak on Chef Bruce' Guyabano Marinated Pork Belly

Cooking can sometimes be likened to texting, as in using text jargons to get the message through in a breeze.   Examples are, CnXia N for pasensya na which means sorry or excuse me;  tom  for tomorrow ; and  l8t, for late.
Yes you can do cooking in a breeze.   Chef Rosebud Benitez have always shown  it to us through Quickfire.  In the Quickfire show, Chef Rosebud shares her cooking skills and the kitchen with guest moms, chefs and students, as they cook dishes quickly in ten minutes.
In ten minutes!   You would say only professionals can do that, cooks and chefs.   Would you believe I can do it.  Many times, well usually with stir fries.   It is has to be learned.  You see, being a mom doesn't always have to rely on time when preparing dishes.  In my case, I essentially do two things at a time to finish house works so I can have the luxury of blogging in my spare time, that is if I'm fast and have done almost everything in the house while the kids are at school.   Sometimes if I need to attend to a certain event, I have to let the other chores unattended till I come home.    But cooking is always on top of everything else.   Most of the time I spend thirty minutes to an hour preparing for  a meal.   But there would be times that I'd run out of time and I would need to have a miracle in the kitchen, or a  mystical wand even.
In my other blog,  the recipe blog,  I make it a point to post dishes that are easy to prepare in just minutes on my shoulder.    I love it when I learn new recipes, and new ones came from one of my favorite chef's, chef Bruce Lim.   It was at a launch of new jams from The Fruit Garden, dubbed as The Taste of Summer with the Tropical Line.

And the foodie  in me is  bursting out to share how I did with one of the recipes shared to us.  Here is Chef Bruce' recipe:

Guyabano Pork Belly
250 g Pork Belly (Cut in half)
5 g Ginger (Sliced)
50 g Mango and Guyabano Jam

100 g Snow Peas (Cleaned)
5 g Garlic
10 g Butter
To taste salt and pepper

Marinate the pork belly in jam for 5 hours. Place 1 slice of ginger on pork belly half then wrap in plastic. Be sure you wrap it 3 times so that the juices do not escape during the cooking process.
Bring a pot of water to boil then place the belly inside. Bring the water back up to a boil and once boiling turn down to a simmer and simmer for 2 hours.
Sauté peas in butter and garlic then set aside, to plate up remove the plastic from belly and let drain on plate. Lay snow peas in center of plate then lay pork belly on both sides. Serve straight away.
 This is the outcome.  
And boy, with that procedure, the pork turned out to be sweetly-savory   and perfectly tender.  The sweet hint of mango and guyabano (Sour sop) were all-over the meat, smacked  even at the center, but not to the point of  eating your meat and dessert at the same time.

But the frugal mom in me struck again, not only that I don't have the luxury of two hours or more, also couldn't afford to use as much gas in cooking.
So I tweaked it a bit.    Made the same marinate done ahead, but I didn't wrap it anymore, instead, I fried it with vegetable oil, in heavy to medium fire, thus getting a bit of a char in the middle.   Also, I omitted the ginger and put soy sauce on the marinate.
Also to add flare, I  dumped half a cup of  sliced button mushrooms and shallots to the stir-fry.
I was so happy with it, see a gourmet dish in a flash.   And  everyone at home enjoyed it.

Note: you can also substitute the Fruit Garden Mango Guyabano Jams with Santol Jam or other sweet-tangy jams, like pineapple.   Check out my post where Santol Jam was used with pork belly at The Big Bad Wolf.

Also a Food Trip Friday  contribution...


  1. This looks like something I should try, I can imagine the sweet marinade complements the pork's flavor. Now I'm really getting hungry!

  2. When my daughter appreciate foods she would always say Mama, it is good in my tummmy and I am sure is good in our tummy too. Hehehe visiting from FTF. my entry is here Sahm’s Dining Diary

  3. Sounds lovely :-) Definitely must-try... thanks for sharing :-)

  4. guyabano = soursop , jackfruit = langka ;)

    1. O my bad! Hihih, Thanks for that and thank you for taking the time to really read through the post, I appreciate it so much!


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