Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Party in Honor of Marriott Manila's New General Manager

“I realized that great leaders are those who value teamwork and worth of his people while he takes time to hone his expertise.” I’m glad that this company instills this kind of culture so I am confident that Marriott Manila associates are not just anyone else. Staffs are service-oriented, food and beverage offerings continue to become more exciting, and guests simply realize that there’s more to experience at Marriott Manila. I am confident that our property will soar higher and better this year."    These are words from  Scott Sibley.
The new  General Manager of  Marriott Manila Hotel, who is not new to hotel services.  A veteran in the industry who have been with  Marriott Guam Resort and Spa for six years, and have had positions at Marriott USA, Canada, UAE, South Korea.
Now he is ready to take on a new league, this time with Filipinos.   This bring about so much excitement and honor in his behalf, being married to a Filipina and have worked with Filipinos in Guam,  Philippine culture is not a new thing for him, in fact, according to him, he found love here in our country, that is, the people, the culture and the feel of a tropical country.
The event was a blast,  a treasure of food abound...

As you can see, Marriott has bigger fish to fry, literally.    One can get bloated or stay healthy at this event, with tuna, big yellow fin tunas, fresh and sliced as sashimi and served on sushis.   Where on the other side a table full of fish crackers and deep fried and crunched fillet of fish were laid out.

 Not so far is the table  for  make-your-own soup  spot... with all kinds of vegetables, meat,  seafood and soup bases await the guests to warm up their palates.

If you think that's a hella of a party, wait till you see what were all over the joined ballrooms of Marriott.   Heavenly  and artsy  desserts of chocolate concoctions to French Macarons.
Don't be surprised these is a chocolate painting.   Which is being sold and I guess can be eaten, hmmm, now you need to call Marriott for more info on this.  They used to have the Chocolate Room at Marriott Cafe, let me get back to you on that.
At a far, you would not tell that this is something that can be eaten.  As it blended in with the hotels chic ambiance,  you would thought it is part of the decor.  The tree was made out of chocolates, the macarons being the foliage and the blossoms are chocolates too.   I've been to a lot of Marriott's events, and this is one of those that I always look forward to.
With all these I was entertained already.  But boy, Marriott  does know their business pretty well, when comes to entertaining.   The stage was abright  and  magically it had everyone paused eating for a moment, as Resorts World Entertainers glammed-up to sing and dance for everyone.

What a night, for more information about Marriott Hotel Manila,  check their website  link and add them up at Facebook

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