Sunday, March 25, 2012

ARTS: Contrast Combination

As a first to a series of my art-appreciation blogs,  Contrast Combination  have enhanced  my  pleasure of  just looking at  a  craft or an art work and  my perceptive on how an art is made.   Though I was not able to meet the artists, I can simply say that nature had  played a big part on them. 
Contrast Combination feaures works in various media raunch of interests and operations.   From wood and bamboo to film and digital media.  Limited resources were used by the artists, to bring about essence, elegance and expressive forms.
Showcased on the gallery is each artists' fervent concern to the environment,  and how  they can play a great deal in the society.   In the picture above,  Bryan Maclelland exhibits his Barn Bike.   It is a fully functioning bicycle made out of bamboo.  By far, bamboo is a material that have been proved to be  functional and responsive to contemporary lifestyle.  

Ondoyan, the name of the woodcraft,  is  by Jenny Cortez from assorted Philippine hardwood.  
Together with Rock Camus, they are sculptors who uses retrieved and recycled wood in their works.  Cortez carves and constructs works inspired by natural forms.
Camus on the other hand, maximizes wood-working skills to use smaller pieces of wood which serves as a functional works of art.
Consider the picture below, by mixing carved wooden pieces he was able to form a beautiful large, heavy mirror. 

By combining discrete modules of forms he refers to "entities" to create vertical sculptures into functional objects.

Also, with the launching of Contrast Combination in Arts at BGC, 180 Cinema was  introduced.   Vinci Roxas, Diego Buenaflor, and Rock Camus spearheaded the presentation of the various filmmakers featured in the 180 Microcinema Festival, where all films are 180 seconds long.  Each short film in its rawness, portrays the film-maker's resilience and prowess in harnessing three minutes of the time.  This also welcomes poor countries to get involved in such project as it is not too costly to produce such film and only internet connection and a a big heart  telling stories in the most bizarre way for  is needed.

  Check out this website to check out the entries.   We also have Philippine entries so make sure to watch them online and make your vote.


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