Monday, March 12, 2012

Authentic Italian Cuisine for Active Gastronogmes at Attivo Cafe

"Buon Appetito!"
I remembered my  Papa greeting aloud as we begin to dig in to what ever he or my mom would prepare for  a special meal.
Italian cooking for me had been very basic and particularly evident here in my blog.   My kids had grown how to love my cooking the authentic Italian way.    To boost my preference for cooking pasta dishes, my sister's first package for me was a huge box full of  different shaped and sized past, several cans of  pomodoro,  bottled sauces in every variants and bottles of  EVOO (extra-virgin olive oil).  You'd say I'm a lucky girl,  I wouldn't mind, indeed I have been blessed with relatives living in Milan, and those are just some of the perks.
So I was so picky when eating pasta in some restaurants.  But don't get me wrong, I also am fond of Pinoy spaghetti, though I prefer my own sauce to be better tasting.
A basic Italian sauce for me, to be used in any pasta would be comprising of tinned whole or sliced tomatoes, garlic, EVOO,  fresh basil leaves and  parmiggiano reggiano or pagano (parmesan cheese).
It was an unexpected dinner we had after being invited to check out a new project from Megaworld.  They had a set of dinner prepared for us but we were quite reluctant to fill ourselves with it.   I will give you some snippets on that on my next blog.  For now let me share this review that I had to make for Attivo Cafe.
Attivo Cafe serves Italian dishes.   The place was a bit hard to find, since Aguirre Street is located behind some buildings across Greenbelt malls.   But when you do, you will find it to be an amazing discovery.
Though we came at passed 9 in the evening, we were still accommodated promptly.  The restaurant closes at 10, so we were wondering if hey could still cook what we would order.   Of course, our coffees had to be there, and what a treat, Italian coffees are available.
A cup each of hot Cafe Hazelnut and  Cappuccino are what it took us  to prepare our taste buds for another round of meal.   Coffee as you may know has to the ability to entice your palate to what's to be dished of and may also correct your buds from the many foods that you may have had, so if you still have more foods to taste, a shot of espresso or cafe correto is all it takes to enjoy them without getting the after-taste from your previous meal.
On the right is the Cappuccino (P90), next to it is a hot Cafe Hazelnut (P95).  The cappuccino as according to Bhogs has a mild kick to it, with a thin waft of froth on top.  However, I found mine,  cafe hazelnut, to have the right robust and brew a good coffe should have with a sweet hazelnut notes, which to me was very comforting.
Bravo!  Buono!  It was really good.  Just the way I want my sauce.  Simple.  Tangy, with the fresh taste from the tomatoes and the rustic-herb effect from the basil.  Pomodoro (P 185),  this is the basic sauce which the Italians were so fond of and have always been favorable with.   In my plate, the sauce was ample enough for me to sponge-off with the foccacia.  And no spaghetti house can beat that.  However, something was missing, grated parmigiano.
The above picture is the Tuna Pesto Panini with fried potato wedges  (P165).   Big chunks of cooked tuna fillets, lettuce, tomatoes, a healthy alternative to the famed American sandwich, BLT.   But then again, where is the pesto in it?  The sandwich was, still simple, without even a hint of dressing or mayo, but had achieved a great-tasting slightly grilled tuna sandwich.   This is to me a good plate of healthy dinner or lunch already, with its huge serving for a panini.
All in all, we found the experience to be truly satisfying.  A simple quite and relaxing late dinner without bargaining the quality of the cuisine we aimed for.


  1. looks yummy, with reasonable price ;)

  2. I love fresh tomatoes on my pasta. I prefer Italian to the American or Filipino taste. :)

  3. Hah! Italian cuisine rules! With these words, Madam Blogger officially put down the glory of the French contenders.

    Thank you so much for appreciating the bountiful cuisine of the "Slow Food Nation". Hehehehe!

    The "tramezzino", the Tuna sandwich looks really delicious. And as for pasta, my ultimate favorite is pasta al pesto genovese.

    You are a true spaghetti-lover. You know that an Italian pasta is often accompanied by the rich taste of parmigiano reggiano cheese.

    And because of this post, i feel like cooking pasta al pesto this weekend. Mmmm... No diet this Saturday. I'll be indulging myself with carbs and carbs and more carbs! hahahaha!


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