Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Something Smoky, Something Crackling, Something Spanish on my Shakey's

Thin Crust Version of Pizza Castellana

Shakey's is turning over a new leaf.   Before the  first quarter of  this year  ends,  a fresh, hot off the grill breakthrough from Shakey's  unfolds, as they present a new choice in their  premium pizza line. 
How's  Flamenco, Iberica, and Basque sound to you!  Spanish?  Yes that is how Shakey's sounds anew, with their Pizza Castellano!
At their first bloggers' event, they have hosted a lunch for a number of chosen bloggers to witness their launching of the the Pizza Castellano, just one of the new and upcoming products they aim to introduce in the modern world of dining.
Being one of them, I was so dubious about what they will be presenting.   But in the twinkling of an eye, I was captivated by what I had discovered.   Then, it came to me, as many Italian themed restaurants which caters to my pizza and pasta cravings, deep down, there is still the inkling. 
You see, memories become more familiar if seen through foods, haha, and in this matter, the pizza.   This was the first pizza chain I had my first bite of pizza.  It is where my father brought us and have introduced us to a level up on a discriminating ground, even in my primal years.   It was at Shakey's where I celebrated my elementary graduation, with my father and siblings, and where Italian food (if it is or at that time a fusion on American and Italian dishes) were introduced.
Ahh...Now let me give you the taste of Spain!

Hand-tossed variety of Pizza Castellano
True to its mission of bringing pizza goodness to its loyal patrons as well as to new converts, Shakey's is building on its iconic products by continuously coming out with unique and compelling offers with the primary objective of constantly satisfying the taste of the changing and evolving Pinoy palate.
Among the great pizza choices which had become every Filipino families have grown to love, the new pizza gives us a something to entice our discriminating taste with a fusion from Spanish cuisine.
Spanish dishes have always been present with our dining culture and our tradition mainly was from the Spaniards who have colonized us.   So it is befitting to add a rendition from them.  The Spanish Chorizo is a brilliant ingredient to start with.    Pizza Castellana, a premium pizza glistens with the spice factor of  authentic Spanish taste of chorizo which comes imported from Barcelona.   To add to the wow-factor are slices of  crunchy red bell peppers and red onions on mounds of sharply flavored cheddar cheese.  Everything blended so well, from  the rustic, smokey and salty chorizo to the tangy pizza sauce, never would I have thought that a humble cheddar cheese will complement the chorizo well.
Both the Hand-tossed and Thin Crust varieties will surely captivate everyone's fancy over pizza, and will make every occasion more fun, may it be with the family or the barkadas.
Valid for dine-ins , take-outs and delivery.   For fast and efficient delivery call them at 77-777 or you may also log on to www.shakeyspizza.ph and remember if it's late, it's FREE!

Buon Provecho!


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