Friday, December 2, 2011

La Creperie

Along with Cafe Breton, La Creperie probably would be one of the authentic French restaurants specializing in crepes.  A restaurant as such is what is known as "creperie" in France or anywhere that serves them.
I remembered, when I was in college, it amazed me seeing a vendor inside the school cafeteria con restaurant,  made a pancake like batter into a paper-thin pancake with something like a spatula-stick.   After which, the round sweet sheet, as thin as a satin,  is topped with fruits and cream, rolled and sprinkled with chocolate or strawberry syrup and dashed with powdery sugar.   My favorite then was Mango Crepe.   My friend and I have argued with how it was pronounced, not really had the idea of it being a French word.  Till now mango still is my favorite.  But things have changed since then, now I became more of a foodie rather than just a regular consumer, an epicure or a gourmand maybe, hahaha, in my dreams.

Lovely thoughts to reminisce brings back simplest form of pleasure!  Now to be honest, I am lured by the fancy set up of restaurants and the elaborate food presentation that goes with it, wondering if those  food taste as good as it is seen.
Every time I go to Shangri  La Plaza and pass by  La Creperie, the scent of the crepes being cooked brings back the oddest recollection which brings smiles even to the most boring or tiring time.
Now let us see  if  I can for a day be an "amoureux de la bonne bouffe", simply meant "a lover, not a critique, of good food."
Premier, my mom's choice, Itallienne.  Parma ham smothered with Mozzarella cheese, pesto sauce and tomatoes, covered with the savory crepe.  All topped with sour cream.   My mom, never have had anything as glorious as this.   "Wala nito sa Italy!" She uttered.  Though she had more than twenty years of her life spent in Milan, she never had this yet.   The combination of pesto and ham compliments it.   The addition of tomatoes and sour cream adds more French provencal to the dish.  While the mozzarella gave the Italian twist to it.   The buckwheat flour gave the savory touch and brown color to the thin hotcakes.  The portion is big so two people can share with this and for sure will be loved, if ever I'd come back I'll definitely have this ordered again.
DeuxièmeLa Mer, another savory crepe.   Tuna, fresh shitake mushrooms, caramelized onions and tomatoes, pocketed on the folded savory crepe, served with luscious green salad.   Quite filing should I say, very heavy on my tummy.   I didn't finish this actually, not sure though if I made the right one.   The tuna filling lacked flavor.  The shitake gave a good chew to it but never really made a good impression to me.  I should have asked freshly grind pepper for it and a dash of salt.
La troisième  for Danielle (my daughter), or in other words-Baked Fish with Dijon Mustard.   The plate also carries with it a bunch of salad greens and plain steamy rice.    Danie loved it, even with the mustard, which is never a staple in our own kitchen.   She liked the sour sauce on the fish.  The fish is soft and nice, but isn't the perfect combo for our rice.   It is good in itself though but a bit sour.  Scarring my thoughts for what could go well with it, any suggestions?
My mom and Danielle enjoying dinner
Enfin, le dessert, the Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie Crepe.  This hot crepe, fudged with chocolate syrup is heavenly.   The divinity of the fudgy brownie, chocolate-flavored crepe and the vanilla ice cream will sure to give you good dreams after having this dessert.   I had my daughter pinch me, to see whether I might have been in a dream. (Hmmm, exagz!)
Oh well, let me simply put it this way, I'll exchange any brownies for this anytime.
 Even more interesting, seeing these undoubtedly luxury in a jar, The Fruit Garden jams.
Make sure to end the dinner with at least a cup of tea or coffee.

La CreperieShangri-la Plaza Mall

Shangri-la Plaza Mall, EDSA cor. Shaw Blvd.
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila


  1. you should try their hot chocolate too! :D that's my favorite in la creperie. although i think i'd like to try their savory crepes, we only had dessert crepes when i went there.

    loved the pics :D

  2. Thanks Smarla! I will try their hot chocolate next time.

  3. We love eating here, too. The food is great and the ambiance is really nice! Thanks for visiting my FTF entry!


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