Monday, December 5, 2011

A Day to be Thankful, Tell me Yours and Win a Chef's Table GC

As this year draws to a close I just keep thinking wow...that went by quick...seems like these years go by faster and faster! Yikes!  Today's the first Sunday of December, which is the last month of the year.  Just took me cogitating.
We have had so many things happen this year...some good, some bad,   Some that still make me sad when I think about them,  but through it all I have found God to be faithful and I am so grateful for all the prayers he has answered for us.
A look-alike painting from the Botanical Garden Art Museum
I  found myself wondering a few times if our prayers would be answered but when we least expected it...the answers came. Not always how we would like for them to but neverthless,  the answer came.
This year we were once again blessed to be able to take a vacation, to Baguio and Bohol, two of my favorite places to visit ( mid last year we were at Boracay), not to mention our Southern Luzon drives.   There are so many things to blog about it.   Will soon post most of it, given the proper time.   Let me give you a picture of one foodie tripping we had, it's at Loboc River, but that needed a whole different blog.

Bhogs  and I have both been blessed in that we have been able to keep our business when so many others have not been as fortunate...sometimes I think we take things like that for granted.    Things...have been put in the past...let it stay there forever...all we have is today and tomorrow to treasure, and that's what we brought along with the trip to Baguio.
At Mines View Park, Baguio
I am very thankful to have my parents visit us.  We missed them for three years.  The last time my father was here was when our grandfather, his father died.   Mama, as we all call her (even my kids call her that) but Nona to my nieces, came to visit for my aunt's funeral, her sister.   Milan, Italy is miles and miles away from Manila, I should know it took us 18 hours or more to get there when we visited (long, long ago).  Their visit, for me and my kids, is worth treasuring.   They both share with me a love for food limitless, a cup of coffee unsurpassing, long as enjoyed  with a good snack and a worthwhile conversation. 

I never realized that there have lots of grind stations at Baguio, at Camp John Hay even.  Just in the building where Convergys lies, are new foodie faves like Starbucks, Yellow Cab,  and Army Navy.   We however had our snack at the Filling Station.   A Japanese restaurant, burger joint, ice cream station and Dinelli Gourmet are just some you can choose from to have your fill.  Of course my Papa had been craving for coffee after hours of walking and driving around the camp, so he chose to have it at Dinelli Gourmet.  Dinelli is just like your typical deli.  They have a wide variety of meat, cheese, and wine as basics.  What makes it special is that they have a pantry full of imported and hard to find goods - from spices, to chocolates (lots of it), to repacked nuts and fancy kitchen ware.  But I didn't have any coffee or tea,  because I really looked forward to checking out Choco-Late de Batirol, which is also inside Camp John Hay.   Okay, that's another blog.  Let me finish this one first!

Dinelli's Cheesedog "huge" sandwich
Puto Bumbong from a nipa-hut cafeteria across the street
My parents have missed Puto Bumbong so much along with Bibingka, though they can't stay for Christmas and have this till then, they've had a month sharing with my kids their affection  and forever be their loving grannies.
Ice Cream from Strawberries and Ice Cream and Danica
By now my parents are back to working at Milan, back to the life that they've used to and us back to missing them again.   I thank God that before they left we were blessed to visit with them, Bohol, Baguio and to have them try Chef's Table and meet Chef Bruce Lim in person.

Chef Bruce having his signature pose with my parents
Parents on the left and in-laws on the right
 I say often "we don't see the big picture that God does,"  He knew that we as parents suffer, more than my daughter.   For two years now (on January 2012, that is), Dana our third child has been living with the help of artificial Insulin.   Yes, she's diabetic, we needed to have her blood sugar monitored by the hour.  Twice in a day, we worry whether she needed to eat first or have her injection.  We haven't had a good seven-hour  sleep at night for we take turns waking up checking her and her sugar.
And I so thank God for teaching us to live each day at a time, one insulin injection at time and having faith that she will in time be healed and live to be a doctor healthy and normal as can be.
Dana picking strawberries at La Trinidad, known to be the
 Strawberry Field of the Philippines
 So this year instead of the usual things I always put on my {new years resolution} "to do list"{which I rarely ever get done} I pray that in the coming year...I will try my best to be a better Christian, a better witness for Jesus to others, a better wife, mother,  aunt, daughter, sister, and friend...and to also try to be so much more thankful for all the blessings I receive on a daily basis!
And oh, I'll try to be more giving...  To usher in the spirit of giving and the season to be thankful to  and to better deal with the true meaning of Christmas, let me start off by giving away Chef's Table Gift Cheque worth P 1,000.  

There, I practically told you everything there is to know about me and my family, but I bet you're now so giddy to know how to get a hold of this GC.
Here's how:
To date this is the third time I have given away something for this blog, and I have never had given any of my readers such hard time for them win.   
For the second time, hehehe, here's how, promise:
Just tell me at least three reasons why you should be thankful this year, commenting at this blog.   Next, please share my blog or this post by either putting the link on your FB wall or by twitting about this.   Do also let me know if you did any of the following.  That's it!  
As usual my kids will be the one picking the winner so the simpler words the better, my youngest is five, yes she might read also your comments.  They will only pick one winner, but don't fret, I am still planning more "give-aways" like Christmas chocolate barks and cookies and lots more, so just visit often.
Comments are only until Thursday, December 8 at exactly 8 pm.   So expect the announcement of the winner first thing Friday.

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  2. First, I am very thankful for my family because they are always there when I need them. They support me in everything I do and sees to it that we always have a bonding time at night while watching some teleseryes :)
    Second, I am thankful for the wonderful blessings I have received this year. After my birthday this year, I felt so lucky and felt that good things were coming my way. I learned to be more positive about life and so good things truly came my way.
    Lastly, I am thankful that I have the chance to discover new places and restaurants. This way, I was able to share my experiences and stories to others. And at the same time get to meet new friends. :)

  3. First, I'm with my ever loving and supportive family. They gave me this unusual strength since I was born. You could say that I was born a superhero!
    Second, I passed the dreaded Nurse Licensure examinations this year! It made me an official registered nurse and yes, I am very thankful to God for that!
    Lastly, I gained freedom :)

  4. @Berylle Kaye Hong, simple life blessing yet it's what inspires us to be our best, it does show in your writing!
    Thanks for the comment!
    Have a great week!

  5. @Ophine...hey Jo, you too are a blessing to me, keep up blogging though there are a lot that would disgust you by their actions, you're a good blogger and a fine lady, thanks for sharing your reasons and God bless you more!

  6. The biggest life-turning event for me this year would be taking a journey to weight loss and wellness. To date, I have lost 19lbs., still a long way to go before I reach my goal weight, but at least I was able to make the first step. With that, here are the three things I am thankful related to that event.

    1) A family who supports me in my journey. Sure they still eat what they want to eat, but never did they persuade/force me to eat something I shouldn't.

    2) A fitness buddy who cares for me unconditionally. At times, I am a difficult person to put up with, but this buddy of mine has never left my side. Despite my rants and all the negative vibes, he still says that I am worth it all.

    3) For the circumstances that led me into taking this journey. It started with less appetite, which I used as my ticket to lose the weight. Since then, I have learned how to portion my food, exercise most days of the week, until I realized I was already losing weight and have taught myself to eat just the right amount of food.

    God has surely blessed me with more aside from the weight loss, but losing weight is the biggest of all blessings because it gave me the promise of better future - living in good health and improved personality.

    Jennifer Valmonte

    FB post -

  7. @Jenn...A nice blog post! This can actually be a blog already! LOLz! God is really amazing, in how He works in your life, keep it up! Living in good health is one way to thank the Lord for His goodness.

  8. 1st- i am blessed waking up every morning and having another new day to live. it's a big blessing to me completing the year 2011 alive! :)

    2nd- i am blessed to become a blessing to others :)

    3rd- i am blessed for having worries in life which lead our faith to focus on what God can do with our situations. So blessed surrounded with loving and supportive family, brethren and friends.

    1Thess 5:18a -In everything give thanks!

    *Share in FB*

  9. 1st - good health & happy life with the family, friends and all the people i love
    2nd - surviving another year and excited for 2012! =)
    3rd - a year full of simple and big blessings from God

    posted it on twitter.. my twitter name is @u8mypinkcookies :)

  10. I am thankful for all my blessings, even blessings disguised as problems.

    I am thankful for having found myself in this myriad of self doubt and feelings of inadequacy.

    I am thankful for being able to speak my mind before a huge audience and hopefully inspire them to be the best that they can be.

    I am thankful for thinking less and less of lack and limitation and instead, thinking more and more about abundance and prosperity.

    I am thankful for family and friends (like you) love me just the same, through thick and thin.

    Most importantly, I am thankful for a great God who knows exactly what we need, urging us to press the right buttons towards realizing all that we can do and all that we can be.

    Oops...did you just say three? This shall be posted in FB tonight.

  11. I sooo, soo, love everyone's comments, and you're all giving my kids such hard times to choose! This is what this really is meant to be, for us to be thankful of what we have more than the things that we don't.
    Loving all of you!
    Thought this was going to be easy...Kind of in a regret for choosing one winner!

  12. 1. Thank you for the life that God gave me. What a great year it turned out to be. Waking up everyday is a gift from Above, Everyday He shows his love.
    2. Thank you for my family who always care, my friends and relatives who always care. Unconditional love and continuous support, I'm thankful for these things I'm worth.
    3. The happiness I felt for the whole year, I know I'll be happy til the next year. Thank you for the happiness and for giving me the One, double the happiness, double the fun!
    I would like to be thankful for the intangible things that I had this year. First for my life that God gave me, for the love and support that my family showed me. Lastly is for the happiness I felt that my heart taught me :)

    Posted on twitter!

  13. I am thankful for everything that God has given me. There is no small or big thing. Everything is a blessing!
    I am thankful that I just payment online, I can now shop for my kids.
    Even though my hands are aching, I'm still able to do all homechores. I just cooked merienda for my kids and I am now excited waiting for them to come home, I am a super mom! :)
    Share this in my FB.

  14. 1. I am very thankful for all the blogger friends that I've met this year, including you (Joy)! Blogging has expanded horizon and has opened me to new friends and types of life experiences. :)

    2. I am very thankful for being able to eat and go on food trips! I had pharyngitis for 5 days and I had such a painful time eating. I then realized how often we take our small daily blessings for granted, such as the ability to eat and actually enjoy and savor eating. Having pharyngitis was such a humbling time, especially for the food blogger in me.

    3. Lastly, I'm very thankful for having work that gives me time to explore my other passions as well. I love my job but I also love the freedom that it gives me to explore baking, photography and all my other passions.

    Shared this on twitter:!/smarlaangtuaco/status/144739341783150593

  15. First of all, thanks a lot to my dear friends and new found blogger friends who were able to make it to this blog and eventually enter such a boring contest!
    'Tis really the season to thank above all, our Lord Jesus for bringing us Christmas, that without Him, love will just be a word and true selfless giving is without essence.
    My kids were so blessed and learned a lot in the process, reading all your comments and commenting back on their own, though they had a hard time choosing since all the comments are very good...
    This brings the contest to a close. Comments are still welcome, though the above names who commented during the give-away period qualifies.
    Tomorrow will be the announcement period.
    For those who won't be chosen, there will be lot's more, so don't shut me off and do continue to follow my blogs.
    Can't wait!

  16. This year, I am very thankful because I have earned so much blessings given by God. :)

    First, I want to thank God for giving me a family and friends who are always there for me whenever I need them. Second, for the good health He gave unto us. And lastly, the ever lasting love he showered upon my family and to my friends. :)

    Those are just the priceless gifts I am very thankful for this year.

    Well, I guess everyone else does.

    Happy christmas everyone!

    Gessa Marie C

  17. tweeted:!/kenge19/status/145071238526668801

    Gessa Marie C


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