Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sili Restaurant

A totally hot and coconut milk-enriched evening left me wanting to explore more on Bicolano dining.   After a few rounds around Sucat Road, finding the right turn to Presidents Avenue, it didn't dampen our spirit trying out what Nilatukang Labong is.   
There is an off-the-beaten-path sans Bicol getaway tucked in a corner of Bf Homes Paranaque that is begging to be discovered, but will surely educate your palate with the wide array of dishes known only to Bicolanos. 
Bicol=killer peppery dishes=SILI Restaurant, therefore.   Bicol Express and Laing are just a few that boasts of the rich origin, where chilli (also known as chili or chile) is abundant.
 After having gone through rigid start-up operation for four months, they now house a lot of interesting dishes.    They are actually cooking up more ideas and improvements on their menu.  We were quite blessed to have met Roland De Quiros, one of the owners, who talked about longing for authentic Bicol cuisine, since being based here in Manila.   With a group of other Bicolano friends, sharing the same yearning.
Dining is casual and relaxed.   Everywhere you set your eyes to you see a hint of the Bicol Region and its customs.   It's like Bicol brought here in Manila.   Amusing, even the paper place mats give a jaunt by printing the legend of Mayon Volcano.
Now let's talk food...An authentic Bicol restaurant wouldn't be one if they don't have Bicol Express (Duhhh!) To be honest  I am not fond of spicy foods, one of the most adventurous dine out was at New Bombay, an Indian Specialty restaurant.  
Talking about hotness,  one might consider Scoville heat unit (SHU) in assessing how hot a pepper is or in this case the dish is.  Capsaicin present in the white membrane of the chilli where the seed is attached, gives out the brevity of spice in it.  The Scoville Scale converts the amount of capsaicin in parts per million into Scoville heat units (SHU). That means, the greater the number of Scoville Scale, the hotter the pepper.   (wahh, what?)
However if your like me who is too sensitive on spicy dishes, could just ask any of  the gracious staffs to get easy on the spice.    Well, my experience with this exotic pork dish, was not at all traumatic but lovely!  Sorry, I cheated a bit, I only ate just a number of the green capsicum.
So, you ask, what Nilatukang Labong is...It simply is eel, cooked in coconut milk.   Just the right amount of milky sauce and salty-sweetness.   The eel is creamy and cooked evenly.  T'was my first time to eat one.   Superb.
With the two dishes we had, of course with enough rice and liters of Iced tea (an exaggeration) not having something to balance the spice or quench your tongue is a no, no.   At that time they only have one  dessert, Latik, typical of Bicol.   Good thing we were given,  Sago't Gulaman.   Yes the picture above is the Sago't Gulaman.   Interesting huh!  Black gulaman a top mini-sago on a heavenly white admixture of  *** secret!   Well, I won't keep this a secret, I will definitely shout  out how yummy this is, oh you won't be able to yet just after gubbling up a glass!  Hahaha!   
How does this sound Kandingga, Laing, Pinangat, Kinunot and Tinangradang Native Manok?   Truly Bicol,  get the true taste of it at SILI  Restaurant.

Sili Restaurant 
63 Presidents Avenue, BF Commercial Center, Paranaque City 

For reservations, please contact: 
Phone #: (02) 553-8307 or 09178532241 

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  1. i visited here "sarong banggi" (one night) with my wife ate bicol express and its superb with a 3 glassess of iced tea ofcourse... nice!

  2. This restaurant looks like a must try, too bad it's too far from my place.

    The Twerp and i

  3. Wow, looks interesting. I'll try to go there sometime :) Thanks so much for dropping by Sassy Chef Recipes and Reviews!♥

  4. I love spicy food... :D haha but would prefer those w/o coconut milk.

  5. i'l order everything my tummy can accomodate when I'd have a chance to visit this resto :)
    i miss kandingga and kinunot. good thing you mentioned they have those there.
    Happy FTF and a great weekend!
    here's my entry

  6. just the name of the resto itself made me feel "hot". i'm sure the the bicol express tastes perfectly.

    this post made me missed BF. i had couple of friends living in tahanan and along pres. ave. (circa 80's, haha)

  7. Hey Guys! Thanks for dropping by! SIling-sili talaga dito, pero not sacrifing the essentials of good food!

  8. Im not from Bicol, but I sooo love their dishes. Id take note of this place and will definitely visit next time we're in Pinas

    have a great week ahead, hope you check out my FTF entry too

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