Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Maria's Secret at Abe

Abe evokes a certain feel , like in days of old, no wonder every time we pass by at their Serendra branch, it is always full.   Surrounding the slightly small restaurant, are sepia pictures of the Larry Cruz family and probably neighbors or "kababayan" (town folks).
It is always a feast here, home-grown and well-loved fiesta dishes are smacking and grandiosely promoting Philippines at its best in food category, well-invoked among LJC Group of Restaurants.
Binukadkad na Pla-Pla.   Pla-Pla is an overgrown tilapia, so I've heard.   Amusingly, by its name "binukadkad", literally was fanned out or fried to look like a butterfly, sliced in three parts and fried till the sides fan out appearing what seems to be the wings.   Said to be a hit and originated from Bistro Remedios, is a crisp fish delight served with balo-balo relish and mustasa leaves.
Lumpiang Ubod, a classic...
Abe's Chicken Supreme, a spring chicken stuffed with galapong rice, chestnuts and raisins.   This gorgeously roasted whole chicken prepared like a stuffed turkey, the Capampangan-style, serves it right to be named Supreme.   
And for the "panghimagas" (dessert).  My Sikreto ni Maria.  Indeed for me, since my complete given name is Ma. Joy Elaine (Ma. is shortened Maria).
What a nice way to give diners an excitement, sure it's enticing enough just browsing through the menu, seeing dish with with frog legs, crickets, ordinary house dishes we all grew up but with a jazz.   After a wefty lunch, albeit the cholesterol,  we googled on the dessert choices, pictures below showed what they got,  but my eyes were stuck on the "Sikreto ni Maria," out of real curiosity, I asked the staff getting our orders about it.   With a grin, she said "it is a secret," you'll only find out when it is served.   A viral effect came to the table, everyone in our group got so rummy, that it was demanded to be served immediately.  I'll let you hanging on that first...
Mango Crepes may not be a Capampangan-based sweet but a sure smasher with Filipinos and foreign customers alike.
Ube Jalea with Macapuno, had me by the heart, which made me totally missing my aunt who cooked the best ever Ube Halaya from Bohol, she's now in Milan , Italy, BTW.
And here is the secret, as you dive your ions on the dish of cold, frothy creme, hidden beneath are suman (steamed sticky rice in coconut leaves) and slices of sweet mangoes.  We all know mango slices are paired with suman, I've never really thought suman would go well with ice cream.   Sssshhhh!   I'ts our secret!


  1. Oh the ube is so creamy and has the exact sweetness, so you won't get "umay" even with makapuno


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