Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bialetti Caffe

I've been having this thing about non-chained coffee shops lately.   Sure Starbucks, Figaro and Seattle's Best abound, like everywhere you go around Manila their there, so you won't run out on caffeine boosts.  Pretty much we we have the idea already of what to get even before getting near the counter.
But, aside from the caffeine addiction, I came to get frantic with the treat along every new coffee shop discovery!  "You'll never know what you'll gonna get...," as what Forrest Gump would hum in my ear every time I see an unexampled coffee shop or restaurant or just something new to my senses.
Here is an example of what i'm talking about.    At the heart of Aguinaldo Highway, at the Revilla Business Park in Imus, Cavite, is Bialetti Caffe.    Franchised by the Revillas of Imus, is not only a coffee shop but also a museum.   Ramon Revilla being widely known in movies and the Philippines having his origins here, have grown love and ahh family, outright sense of it.   The coffee shop is fronting Aguinaldo Highway, while behind it is the Memo Revilla Gallery (get it? from memorabilia), where all about Ramon Revilla is being exhibited.   Good thing we where there 30 minutes just before the gallery is closing up.  It opens at 10 in the morning for public viewing and closes at 5 in the afternoon.  Here are just what you can uncover inside Memo Revilla.

After which, we head back to the cafe and discovered that they don't only serve coffee, but a whole interesting menu of Filipino and American dishes.   From rice meals with sisig, chicken, pork, pasta, sandwiches to dreamy desserts.

 Hot Chocolate for my hubbydoo...
But what they really boast of is the extensive variety of coffee drinks they offer as would the company Bialetti would offer.  Widely known in Italy and around the world for its highly sophisticated beverage solution, equalizing coffee loving to good lifestyle.  
A Bit of History
Bialetti Foods Corp. started as an importer of 1883 de Philibert Routin French Syrups and quality Italian espresso coffee machines and supplies from where the best espresso is being made. Eventually, BFC brought in the country not only the machines and supplies but the Bialetti Caffe concept itself. The Caffe served European developed coffee-based concoctions.
And It all started in 2002, with a one man’s search for the perfect cup of espresso at a reasonable price.   He noticed the
lack of  specialty coffees, innovating simple cups of espresso and cappuccino with the 70 different syrups of 1883 de Philibert Routin syrups.   And walahh!...My ChocoMisu,  A cold coffee Tiramisu.   It was so good, like having a two in one snack, an iced coffee and a slice of Tiramisu, all in one sitting, and one affordable price.

Choco Misu
Being new and an upscale, mod look both on the interior and exterior, not many have had the guts to check it out,  the down side, it is a bit pricey.   But we found it very inviting and refreshing.   Loving the splash of yellow around the walls and on the chairs, more colors on the  wall painting magnificently blend in the whole package.  The staff are cheerful and courteous,  anyone can hang around, lounge on the sofa, enjoy free wifi, good music and carefully prepared food and drinks.  
What do you think, did I blend in, with my yellow T-shirt and all...? :0


  1. very inviting post! though i believe the Revilla Business Park is still part of Bacoor and not Imus :)

  2. nice yung concept,pero sana hindi pareho ng bialetti sa may quezon city, kalayaan avenue. maganda sana yung place kaya lang nakasimangot yung mga staff, dahil siguro at that time there are so many guest. Then one late sunday afternoon, wala ni isang staff sa loob....sayang the place...

  3. Hi do you have a number of this branch (cavite)?

    1. I'm so sorry, when we were there, they don't have a line yet. They've just opened then.


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