Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Luigi's at Midnight Mercato

The night was such a blast!   The last day of McKinley Hill's Food Adventure, dinner with the whole family, raining cats and dogs, capping the night with more food tripping with kids at the Midnight Mercato.
I don't really know the theory of craving for so much food while the weather is at its worst, if there is such.   Most of us Filipino's expect to have tuyo (sun dried fish), scrambled eggs and sinangag (Filipino fried rice) on the dining table during rainy season.   Others would have champorado (chocolate porridge) for breakfast or snack, Bulalo or Nilaga for lunch or dinner.   So typical!
This time, more and more foodies are flocking Midnight Mercato, and some other newly opened specialty restaurants for more extravagant comfort foods, even when it may seem that the heavens are pouring it all down.
And who could go wrong with Chicken Cordon Bleu.   Sounds "high-class" as some might say.   But I dare say, I don't care.   We are all entitled to our own guilty pleasures, food is highly recommendable.   And so is Chef Luigi Muhlach's Chicken Cordon Blue!  I've been an "epic fail" when comes to making Chicken Cordon Bleu, I do have the recipe and the skill to do so, but not the perfect timing.   Well I guess I need not to experiment cause Chef Luigi is on the rescue.   Love the dish so much!  We bought a pack of herbed butter rice with the chicken on top.   One have a choice of dressing it with Aligue Mayo or Cream Cheese Sauce.   I think either choice would be a winner, since the chicken, crusted so adorably was soft and savoury, where the cheese melted with the ham balanced the white meat.   I had mine with Aligue Mayo, mmmm, sinfully delish!   I'll be trying it with the cream cheese next time.    How can I ever forget the rice, no wonder he's that big, his foods really comforted him.   For a pack worth P180, I say it is really reasonable, a true "blue ribbon dish" for that cost, amazing.
My kids had him spotted there just minutes right before they start selling.   To tell you frankly, what they've spotted was the small black board that says, Pot  Pie.  Where this big hunk of a guy was standing.   Ever since my kids had pot pies they've been raving for it and whenever I see one wherever I may have dined I bring home one for them.   I saw him already and my kids pointed to him saying, "mommy there's a chef."   I could not really tell who he is or if I've seen  him from some resto, till we came near Luigi's stall and my Danielle handed me over his business card.   Then it hit me!   This handsome chef is the eldest son of Aga Muhlach to Janice de Belen.   He is so accommodating, we even had pictures taken with him and  I shot him with some questions about his turf.   Would you believe that this unassuming man have been a chef for three years already.  Ive actually heard that he worked at Robot Cafe, I think I might just need to confirm if he still works there or not.   I can't wait visiting in the future,  a restaurant owned by him.
Shepherd's  Pie
Chicken and Mushroom
Luigi's didn't go wrong on the Shepherd's  Pie.   My son so expectant of it was so happy having to have tried it.   I only tasted a spoon of it, and I find it so good.   The mashed potato is not so mushy and not salty, rightly seasoned.    Though my kids aren't into Philippine showbiz, they are into Pinoy chefs and now they can say that they have found a star in the culinary arts with Luigi's.


  1. Pogi ng anak ni Aga!

  2. i was there on that night but not able to go inside the mercato as i my family just dropby to buy some foods for takeout... i hope the next time i visit mercato, luigi is still there... makatikim nga ng aniyang specialty.... kiss sabay hug na rin... :)

  3. Cute and handsome ni Luigi mana kay janice at aga.


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