Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Sweet Charity Tickets at Cafe Mary Grace

 Such a happy day!
Amongst all the contests and raffles I joined in blogging, well not that too many (because most of the contests' rules are tedious)  this was the first time I won!  WoooHooo!   Most of the time, halfway across the procedure I would stop and sulk, saying "hmmm, out of hundreds that might join, what's the possibility of me winning."  Such a "nega"would you say.  Till the heavens opened in my favor, angels were on my side and have tickled Smarla Angtuaco.   Thanks to this lucet lady.   When her blog, Everyday Sweet Notes made it to it's 1 year anniversary last  July, she was to give away two tickets for the Sweet Charity play, where Nikki Gil leading.  It was so easy joining, a blogger, her follower only needed to guess the mystery word, where she revealed one by one the letters of the said word.   Luckily, I stumbled upon an article about this play so guessing it was quite easy.   But then again... 
 So here I am at Mary Grace Cafe, Greenbelt 2, one morning, (yipee) claiming my tickets.   But what was more blissful was meeting this young writer, bursting with talents and charm.   Her passion for eating and blogging is a second nature, like me!   It was so often meeting a blogger or writer  with so much dedication and integrity , not treating it as a profession but as part of his or her life that is loved.   I'm such a sucker for everything about love, family and food combined!   Be it about a movie, a restaurant, or a true story of a person.   Her blog is an example, and what more better way harmonizing it at none-the-less Cafe Mary Grace .   What a nice pick by-the-way, Smarla!  
We introduced ourselves, then went down the lines of how we started our blogs, to the point of giving out specifics on blogging to laughing out certain event experiences - all were shared out at this lavish, homey restaurant.   A country-like abode in the midst of a busy sector is best, to talk with friends, family and a new-found friend.
 Inside, the interiors are very fancy and captivating, like a picture on a magazine showing off a country-homey feel come alive but with personalized heart-warming touches, like our table shown above, cheeky notes from diners of all ages, yes even first-graders, were laid out for everyone to view and enjoy.   What I love is the Biblical passages scattered around in specialized papers, paintings and wall furnishings, you'll be surprised when you go to their washrooms.   Now thinking about Papemelroti,  the place seemed liked an extension somewhat... Oh, let me just add, as recommended by Smarla, do make a visit at either one of their restrooms, expect a chirping sound when you enter and enjoy the feel of the room, I felt, I want to hide there forever!
 But another good experience was to have partaken, finally their Ensaymadas and a view of their menu.   It was just a brunch meet-up with Smarla, but there are a forage.  You might want to check their site out for a peek of what Mary Grace is offering at  I had the Laguna Cheese Ensaymada.   It's one of the classic recipe ensaymada topped with Kesong Puti.
 Smarla had Caramel Sauce and Toasted Cashew Ensaymada.   Both are so good, the bread is soft and dense, properly risen, and it had no open spaces inside.   It would really melt in your mouth.   What we got are the twisted varieties, they still offer it in classic style though.
Ensaymadas are part of the Breakfast menu, though can be ordered all day unlike the rest of the breakfast foods.    More comforting is paring your ensaymadas with hot chocolate, which if you will check, they offer a motley.    Will be coming back here for those.   I had mine with one of their home-made Iced Teas, Peppermint and Fruits, a mix of different fruit juices with mint tea.  It was at Greenbelt 2 where we had this adorable brunch, they do however have different branches.

Greenbelt 2
between Bizu and Spicy FingersTel: 5013089/5013093 | 09175439402

*just visit the website to check out other branches 


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