Sunday, May 22, 2011

SMC Weekend Market Roadshow at Salcedo

    The first stop of San Miguel Weekend Market Roadshow was at Salcedo Weekend Market at Bel-Air Village, Makati.   Chef John and Chef Ernest (son of Chef Sylvia Reynoso Gala) gave away tips n' tricks in cooking.   Five easy to follow recipes were shared and here are the finished products.

   Don't they look so delectable, looks festive yet as it was shown being cooked by these gentlemen garbed in chef clothes, they are easy to do.   The ingredients are cheap and can be bought at local markets, including Salcedo's, and since most of the products from  San Miguel were featured for each of the recipes, be sure to have  your family enjoy the dishes.
   Not only those that attended the cooking demo enjoyed the day from San Miguel Corp., but also those who just passed by.   Mascots from Hungry Juan, Magnolia Chicken, and two more were there to entertain everyone including kids.
   Peaches, Renz' daughter even gave a pretty grin showing how she was jollified in this event.  And what do you know Renz, her mommy, which happens to be also a blogger, even won in the raffle, bringing home the Chicken Tim.   Yes, they raffled off the finished dishes, all five of them, and aside from that, they also gave away gift packs, gift cheques and yummy samples of Monterey and San Miguel products, also includes unlimited ice cream tasting!  Nom. Nom. Nom.
   With Chef Ernest Reynoso Gala.   Let me just tell you something about what I told him that Saturday,  well, I may not be a pastry chef, but I'm known in my family  (both my parents side) and those who know me that I bake good brownies, cakes and other pastries.   I owe that to Chef Sylvia Reynoso Gala and other baking schools that I've attended.   I am one of her students way back 2002 and it would be such a pleasure to meet her again and tell her all my success stories referring to baking and earning from it.   So I told Chef Ernest that I was one of his mom's students and I saw him then being "totoy" while assisting his mom in their workshop. 
   Bloggers including me really had a fun morning at the market with representatives from SMC Great Food Club and the cutey chefs.
   Next stop would be at Mercato Centrale on the 28th of May, that's a Saturday.   So be sure to mark your calendar for that and let us all enjoy another "weekend of great foods with San Miguel Corp."


  1. sarap ng mga food, sis. nakakagutom! wish I was here. thanks for the visit :) hope to see you again in one of the events :)

  2. Hi Mommy Trish!
    I didn't get to try them all though but I had fun with the demo! Hope to see you again next time!
    God bless!


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