Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jaeda's Orange Cake

The new tangy zest of orange in dreamy creamy layers of orange chiffon and rich chocolate cake.
 The crowd favorite Blackforest.
 Our favorite Pancit Malabon from Amber's at Filmore, Palanan Makati.
Our sweet and pretty niece, Jaeda Tyrese Bete turned 6 last April 25, 2011.
Good thing Goldilocks is all over the city and always a stop and pick up demand for cake is always sufficed.   We had our first take on an orange cake.  It was not that really new to me, since I did Taisan Cakes way, way back.  The taste is really that of the orange, in chiffon, even the orange chocolate used to decorate it has the zesty taste of the orange.  What is awesome is that it can also be a DIY cake.  Since the design was simple yet elegant  my sister in law thought it would be good that the kids will be the one to design the cake,  also she was able to buy candy toppers in colorful sea creature designs.  It was a blast seeing the kids decorate the cake with them.   The kind of experience I want to see on the kid's faces on my daughter's birthday party.

Days prior the said birthday, Jaeda and her cousins played on the inflatable pool which was just bought for the sole purpose of it.  Since there was no time to prepare for it, we all had ice creams and lots of it.
 Coffee Caramel Ice cream on a slice of freshly baked buko pie (From Collete's, Laguna)
Cookies n' Cream Ice cream with loads of Oreos


  1. i was thinking of baking a cake for my birthday too. Blackforest. Very ambitious for somebody who has never baked anything in his 25 years of existence. Hahahaha!

    Did you do the Choco ORange cake? That's pretty impressive. I love big cakes!

    By the way i love the new look of your blog!

  2. @ Mr. Tripster,
    Actually I didn't bake the cake, I should have, it's just I don't have time. So you also bake? Keep it i'll be waiting for you to post your baking adventures!
    Good thing you like the look of my page!
    Gratzie Mille!

  3. Mangkanu po ang cake pa reserve sana ako dalaga

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