Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Only Party the Family Hosted

   With the help of our Lord Jesus and our dear friends, we were able to host an event my daughter would really treasure.   Our family was able to overcome a painful ordeal and with that we were able to realize what life has yet to offer.   My daughter who turned 7 last May 5 was so expectant of the outcome of the party.   Yes she really prayed hard for this!  And the Lord was so gracious enough for answering her birthday wish.   More than a year ago she  was diagnosed of DKA or Diabetes Ketoacidosis.  Is an acute, major, life-threatening complication of diabetes. DKA mainly occurs in patients with type 1 diabetes.  And we never knew she has it till then, being kept in the ICU for more than three days.
Since then she have been taking insulin shots, twice a day.   
But the miracle we see now is that in spite of her condition she grows more intelligent, beautiful and faithful to the Lord.   As we await for the total healing of our daughter the Lord continues to heal every family member with all the  dark and painful past.   We just live each day at a time and live every blessed day as it is!
   The day, May 7, 2011 were we celebrate God's fullness in miraculous and loving ways not only in our daughter's situation but more so for the whole family and the friends and relatives who have been on our side through the tough times.
This our Dana Jemimah with her supposed to be the escort Kuya Nico in Anime costume.

    The cake table with all the heavenly moist chocolate cupcakes my daughter and I made. Everyone raved for it and the table emptied out not even  before the party ended.  
   We all feasted with these, however I missed one photo of another dish and also was not able to take a picture of the extremely yummy Mango Crepe, which was served freshly done after everyone had eaten their meals in opulence.

   The kids had a blast also eating a plateful of Italian Spaghetty, Friend Chicken, Lumpiang Shanghai and Cheese Sticks.  Prior to the program for the event, the kids were able to have their turn on decorating their own cupcakes!  The best cupcake decoration won a toy.  We also created a theme for the whole party, Princesses and Princes, were the kids donned their best princess or prince costume.
   The party was held at Eurotel Hotel at Pasong Tamo.   The venue, the food (except for the birthday cake and the cupcakes), the sound systems, chocolate fountain , the tables and chairs were all  included in a package worth P 30,000 for  100 people, however we paid more because we upgraded the number of the attendees.  I love Eurotel, they have accommodated  us very well, we paid for the four hours of venue use but we were there beyond the limit hours, to decorate the place and until we have  finished up on the party.   The staff were very pleasing and gracious and account managers were even there to facilitate and monitor the whole celebration making it easier for me to see that all needs were meant.
   Everyone enjoyed, specially the kids, though they were not treated like royalties but everyone really put quite a lot of effort to make the party not only fun but meaningful as well.   
   The venue was splashed with pink, white and lavander sheets, balloons and ribbons.   Purely work of art, an ingenious resourcefulness led by the couple (ninong ang ninangs hehehe) Rudolf and Raquel Abadiano.  With their group, they were able to make the boring room very chic and girly yet playful.    My husband crafted a swing where our princess spent the hours listening and watching everyone in delight, while everyone gave their greetings and blessings.  The swing was adorned with vines, flowers and butterflies.
The program was hosted by J-mie Cabalonga (another ninang) and Jomer Soperable.   They filled the room with excitement and were able to encourage the guests to participate.   This made the program very lively and our birthday princess really special.
   A photo booth, by CheeseIt! was also hired,  for the pictures to serve as give-aways which also added more fun.  I have a link of their site on the right side, so do check them out.
   Lastly, the birthday cake, which was artfully done by Chef Gigi Patrimonio of Miss Matamis Bakeshop.  I'll be posting a separate blog on her lusciously sweet creations.  You'll be able to see her contact details there.


  1. I'm really not a fan of extravagant parties. But after reading this post, your little girl deserves this party. And i think this is also a way of expressing gratitude to our gracious God for giving her such a wonderful life despite such health condition.

    My best regards to your little girl!


    Now i have an idea to share for my pamangkin's party! hehehe....

  2. @Mr. Tripster, Tnx for the lovely message. Everyone deserves to have the good life, it is just that there are those, particularly kids who suffer from illsness, disabilities and such that they miss out on some of lifes precious times, and that's not what we want for our daughter. She is blessed and so are we, and what best way to express this is through a public testimony, in our case this party!
    If you do have have family members or friends who need help in preparing for events I do know some people!
    God bless!


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