Monday, October 3, 2016

Tints of Autumn at The Gourmand Market

Surprises, surprises!  After attending DOT's talk about Tourism Accessibility for PWD's, we made our way to Makati to see what the next The Gourmand Market is all about.

What else of course, but really edgy, good food.

Allow The Gourmand Market to bring out the gourmand in you as you indulge in a weekend with great foodie sightings, food porn to the max and a good suggestion for an outdoor party with friends.

With the theme, Tints of Autumn, it's 8th edition will help you celebrate the "ver-months" with glorious food and drinks.  The best avenue to get tips on what to give for Halloween and for Christmas.  Caterers abound to answer your need for festive and impressive meals or parties.

See foodie-fave names such as Sevilla and Sons Suasage Co.

For the visual senses, get custom flower arrangements from Lavender Porch.

Get your daily dose of fresh juices from Caljyuta, make sure to trry and get a photo of you with a dragon fruit juice on it's very own fruit body.

Tapsilog in a new light, from The Good Tapa.

Fresh fruits from Nature's Harvest.

Local artisan chips from THC.

Bao Manila's famous cuapau sandwich.

This Roast Turkey is saying HELLO to you, will you say HELLO back?  This is from Nawty's Kitchen, btw.

This is so perfect for Thanksgiving but they are already serving it to the three-day event, with some other dishes.

Pepi Cubano's diverse selection of authentic Cuban sandwiches.

Since the beginning, the group behind this successful organization of this event had always had this by-word in mind and in heart.

More new fillings from Empanada Mas.

New food ventures from Lokanta's.

Flavor-packed sugar cane juices from Healthy Cane.

Lastly make way for Joy Bakes' fluffy Quezo de Bola Cheese Rolls,  Cookie Sandwiches from Gourmandisse by Sunshine Pengson.

Better mark your calendar for this weekend's The Gourmand Market "Tints of Autumn" on Oct 7-9, Fri-Sun, 11am to 11pm at the C1 Park, BHS.

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