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Flat Iron by 1771, New Favorites Hot Off the Griddle

No, I'm not endorsing a new brand of flatiron (which I'm hoping I could) or am I telling a story of how I learned to iron clothes with a memorable flat iron.  This blog, as what it's supposed to is about a new restaurant that I recently tried with Visa credit card and eventually loved.

Flat irons were known to be of several things that straighten (clothes, hair and even sandwiches) using flat, heated metal. Not so long ago, well actually in olden times (hmmm, the 70's, but I still saw this in the 80's in the province), it is referred to a heavy metal, triangular in shape but hollow, where heated charcoals were put inside, this then is used to iron out wrinkled clothes and cloth materials in the house.

But accordingly, this happens to be another way to refer to the griddle, of which the metal element is used in the same manner, as a heating element.

Though this time, nothing is to be ironed out, this flat iron usually is made of cast iron and that's where the 1771 Group have gained the inspiration for their newest resto concept, and it so happened that it's also located in the spanking new mall of BGC, Uptown Mall (not to be mistaken with UP Town Center Mall).

Because of its indestructibility, it can actually last a lifetime, as long as you know how to re-season one.  Cast iron is an incredibly dense metal that heats very slowly as compared to metals like copper and aluminum. But once heated, cast iron will hold that heat for a long time. The metal also gives a steady heat that helps foods brown beautifully and cook evenly.

I do wonder still, why Flat Iron, not Cast Iron, hahaha, the irony!

Menu favorites up on the wall on a large blackboard

How can my camera say no these stunning floor tiles?

Mismatched chairs add a bit of whimsy and hominess to the over-all look of the resto.

I may not know who conceptualized even the interior, but kudos to whoever he or she is, the evokes clean and chicness,  I love every details of the restaurant, and monochromatic concept gives a clear thought of how serious they are in serving their clients well, including serving with good food of course.

Their tagline also says everything about them -"Urban comfort food, hot of the griddle."

Begin every meal with some hearty soups, let me suggest Manhattan Seafood Chowder (P 290). What's to love about this bowl? It's a rich and a bit tangy chowder that is flavored with tomato. So hearty that it's a complete comforting meal in itself as it has fish chunks, shrimps, clams and bacon.

Allow me to be all-meaty in this post, as I did gorged on one to may meat dishes on my first visit to this place.  Above is the Lamb Shank (P 710). Another rich, tomato-based stew, slowly cooked until everything meshes together, plum tomatoes, white beans, green olives and served with mashed potatoes.  It is also flavored with reduced red wine.

Want to try an avante garde pork chop?  Then dig into Battery Park Pork Chop.  You'd know if the meat is treated properly when it is marinated in brine for 24 hours and seasoned more with secret spices then grilled to char.  Served on top of a slob of buttery mashed potato and with apple, cucumber and carrot slaw.

So aside from using cast irons in their dishes, I also love how they bring into life dishes that are slow-cooked, as makes you feel like eating at home and with grand ma's cooking.  Like the Flat Iron Brisket 6.  This beef gingerly falls off he bone as you bite into it as this was cooked for 6 hours with some herbs and seared in the griddle pan upon order and tossed with it's own glazing.  It is served with a healthy mix of brown and red rice, sauteed together and on the side is a fresh slaw of apple, cucumber and carrot.

If you are not ready to go heavy, I mean to eat heavy, like for a snack, I would suggest you order the Flat Iron Burger.  Oh wait, I do remember this one is a heavy plate.  This huge oval platter is loaded with carb-friendly French fries, dill pickle and sandwich  using potato bun.

The burger patty is out of ground US beef chuck, smothered with herb butter and the works.

Photo taken by @Sherose Ontimare.

Non-meat lovers, fret not, you too can savor the menu of Flat Iron, they also have fish dishes such as this Miso Glazed Salmon (P 575). 

But nothing would compare an experience without even trying the Flat Iron Steak.  My new favorite steak on a cast iron.  It's a 300 g US Choice steak cut from beef top blade.  I was a bit petrified when I read about top blade, since chefs may knew that it is from the muscle, where there are pretty much gristle, most likely harder to chew when grilled.

But, taken aback, it was as soft on  the bite as chewing a slow cooked beef.  There were gristles but they aren't that hard to manage in the mouth with every bite buttery and savory.  Worth every penny when you decide having this.

Their signature dessert and signature Chateau 1771 plating, Coffee Pie is such a sweet ending to this ultimately meaty meal.

Imagine the crust is of chocolate-cashew, topped with a coffee cream filling and a beautiful toffee sauce.

Desirous servicing, even though they have just opened last January, on a newly-opened mall, pure love for the resto's interior and a menu to compliment everything, then it's easy to say that they do deserve to get second helpings, in fact you may help yourselves more with their offerings.


Address: Ground Floor, Uptown Place Mall,
               36th Street Corner 9th Avenue, 
               Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

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