Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Don Brings The Dutch To Manila

Photos by Angeli Malonzo, IG @gellibeans

Don Papa Rum brought to Manila Michel Dame, founder and head bartender of Cocktail Boutique Netherlands, for a series of bar-tending shifts entitled “The Don With A Dash of Dutch,” at Hooch Bar last September 21 and at Finders Keepers last September 22.

Michel Dame is a seasoned bartender in Amsterdam’s cocktail scene with over 15 years of experience in the hospitality and F&B industry. He consults with some of the world’s known spirit brands such as Giffard, Mondo Mediterraneo, and Hete Pepper. He founded the Cocktail Boutique Netherlands, a bar consultancy company that offers cocktail workshops, cocktail catering services, and freelance bartending services in Amsterdam. He is also the brand manager for Andre Kerstens, a wine and spirits importer in 1880 and head bartender for Ron Gastrobar Oriental in Amsterdam where he built the bar’s cocktail portfolio and developed its bar operations for three years.

Michel is in the Philippines for the first time to visit Don Papa Rum’s origins as well as impart his knowledge of cocktail culture to the Philippines’ bartending scene. “I am curious with the the distillation process of Don Papa Rum. I want to experience how hospitality works in the Far East, comparisons and the differences from the West. It will be a total learning experience to take back with me when I go home,” he adds.

Even with his extensive range of original Don Papa Rum concoctions tucked under his sleeve, Michel shares that he prefers his Don Papa Rum simple – on ice with bitter. When asked what is his mission in the Philippines, Michel says: “I would like to show that 46 year old bartenders are still a lot of fun.”

He met “The Don” when he was invited to be one of the three judges for the Don Papa Cocktail Competition in Amsterdam where Kevin Kroon was declared the winner and the Don of Cocktails in Netherlands. The Don of Cocktails Competition is an annual event held in the different countries where Don Papa Rum is available.

“I like how The Don is different with its vanilla and fruity taste, while still being a rum. I also like how The Don presents himself to the people, uncomplicated,” he says.

Don Papa Rum will be bringing a new set of international bartenders to the Philippines in the coming weeks.

At the event held at Papa Loa in BGC, media representatives got to learn something about Bar Tending and concocting beverages with Don Papa Rum. Food was provided by Papa Loa as well.

About Don Papa Rum

Don Papa is a premium aged small batch rum from Negros Occidental, Philippines. Distilled from some of the finest sugar cane in the world, Don Papa is aged for more than 7 years in oak barrels in the foothills of Mount Kanlaon before being blended to perfection. For more information, check our website, www.donpaparum.com, or like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DonPapaRum or even follow us  @donpaparum on Twitter and Instagram.

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