Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hotel Review: Deep Forest Garden Inn

Our family adventure at the beautiful city of Puerto Princesa was nothing short of amazing, and it wouldn't be possible without a good three-day abode.  

Our stay there was short but entirely sweet and I'm dreaming to be back with my family.  My husband kept on muttering how we should have stayed longer and coming home with more pocketful of memories to share to our friends.

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As much as possible we never get accommodations from hotels, we could opt to but we didn't.  We tried to limit our budget to a cost that we can say affordable to many, even those who might want to travel using the itinerary I posted but on a shoe-string budget, can totally enjoy the trip.  As you can see, we are a family of six with two kids, and two of our children spend more than us parents (more so in dining).

 If however you want to have a luxe hotel stay, I would suggest you go to Aziza Paradize Hotel.

So, aside from the cost of the lodging, there are things I need to consider when choosing a place to crash with my family.  This goes the same for some of the other family adventures.

Here is a semi-cohesive list for that:

1.  The room should have to be spacious enough for all 6 of us.

2.  It may not be as elegant or posh as the hotels, but it may be considered.  However, over-all cleanliness and the smell of clean sheets and pillows is part of it.

3.  A good running (and not old) AC (air-conditioning) is definitely a must.

4.  Beds, including mattresses should be comfortable, sleep is needed when you will be spending the whole day with lots of swimming and walking.

5.  I'm not OC when it comes to our things, but a rack or a specific place to put our luggage or in this case our backpacks, can be very helpful.

6.  My husband can't stand a room without a TV.  Also, it makes my kids more at-home or gets them easily doze off.

7.  We love having free WIFI on our room and other places in the area.

8.  A night stand and bedside table is not a priority but a plus.

9.  Very clean bathroom.

10.  Personal hygiene kit provided by the hotel is also a plus.

11. Lavatory that's clean and with a bidet sprayer.

12.  Hot water provider on the shower.

So far, all my specific qualifications have been met by Deep Forest.

Oh how can I forget!

My kids also have theirs.  There should be a swimming pool and grounds for playing.

The pathway from our unit, going to the lobby, restaurant and mini mart.

The life-sized chess game

Photo credits from Deep Forest
Here is an aerial view of the grounds of Deep Forest where the pool is situated.  Our unit is at the left end side.   There is a bar at the pool, a Jacuzzi and a mini pool with life-sized chess game.

Our over-all experience at Deep Forest deserved a good impression.  We're glad we decided to purchase this at   They also have an in house tour agency to help you, they are the ones who provided us with our Underground River Tour which included lunch at Sabang port.

Another reason why hubby chose this hotel was that it was 10 minutes drive from the airport, and is also near to the foodie capital of Palawan.

If, however, you are not lucky enough to book with them, there are a lot more accommodations on the same street where they are located.


Address:  Abueg Road, Bancao Bancao, Jacana, Puerto Princesa, 5300


  1. The life size chess game is amazing, the whole place is so crystal clean, that is definitely a plus when you go on a holiday away from the comfort of your home. I love the swimming pool, the African animals statues, and the whole atmosphere suitable for relaxation and complete rest, enjoying all the provided amusements.

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun and such a wonderful setting, everybody looks really happy and well entertained. Thanks for sharing such wonderful holiday with us. Stephen Lea

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful trip and a beautiful place to stay in. Your photos show what a lovely time you had..

  4. Truly awesome to spend bonding with family in this place. I never been in Palawan, and I heard, the beauty of the nature.

  5. Nice suggestion for a short simple Puerto Princesa stay. You did not mention about hot water shower, does it have too? - Fred

  6. This is a nice place to go for a staycation with family in the holidays season. We also are planning to go to Puerto Princesa maybe early next year.

  7. Seems a great place to visit specially with family, everything looks clean and arrange and the last pic tell all the story

  8. This looks like a great resort for family getaway... I wonder if the wi-fi is strong enough or does it keep going off? Also, how's the food variety over there?

  9. They have a really nice place with a lot of amenities and wonderful landscape that includes a life size chess board. When I go back to Palawan, I'll consider this inn.

  10. The underwater chess amenity is very cool! This post made me miss going to Palawan! It's just so nice there! :D

  11. it's not lavishly decorated but it still look fun, cozy and pretty! the underwater chess looks really interesting.

  12. This place got awesome amenities! I love the chess pool. Im sure my kids would be excited if they see this! thanks for sharing this place! :)

  13. It's more for comfort than style and I love it! Looks like a great place to have a vacation in

  14. Beautiful place! Definitely looks like it's worth a visit. I'm sure my son would love to be able to go there.

  15. well this hotel information is outstanding for me because in next year i will be go for the hotel tours and this hotel is also include in my hit list but after free to US tour and specially i recommend to you that use bus services in Us GBT buses from new york to orlando florida..

  16. This place is so relaxing and nice! Would relaly love to stay there one day!

  17. The room looks very organic, all the furniture used inside were of natural materials. I think it's good for the price range and perfect for your criteria. I noticed the life sized half underwater chess board the most though. that would have been fun to try to play with.

  18. Wonderful setting. Now that gives me an idea where to stay should I travel to Puerto Princesa soon. Heck, life-sized chess in the pool? Awesome!

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