Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Snack Alert: Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties

Apart from the pastries that I bake, my kids would munch on popcorn and chips, which I really don't advise them doing.  If at times we are caught hungry at the mall, they would always run to the nearest doughnut or cupcake stands around the area, which I am trying so hard to advise them not to make it a habit.  I guess kids today are lured by these sugar-loaded treats that they often neglect it's hazard to health specially if consumed to a normal level, which is half of the usual RDA level.  Okay, I'll confess, like them I am also into the habit, however, as much as I could get away from it, when hunger and cravings strike, tsk, tsk, 

Now, here is something worth sharing to you, my kids and I have discovered a snack kiosk at Market, Market.  It's the next best thing to my kids usual mall snacks.  It's also packed with flavor and nutrition and YEY less sugary.  

It's Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties, located at the top floor of Market, Market next to the cinemas. It's actually a stone-throw away from where we attend Sunday Christian service for New Life the Fort.   

Compared to other Jamaican Patties, Royal Caribbean's version is less oily, because the bake it fresh at a controlled oven temperature.  The crust is aptly seasoned and not salty, which I would say, way better than eating cheese powdered popcorn.  Another plus from a picky mommy is the crunch in every bite, though I would prefer eating this right away while it's hot, because that's how Jamaican's eat them.

These patties are actually famous in Jamaica, as the name suggests (duh) and widely accepted as their typical street food.  They're like pocket savory pies, but much bigger compared to the pocket pies we get from Jollibee and McDonald's apple pie.

When we tried it for the first time, I didn't expect my kids to like it, especially if their eyes were on the mini-donuts found near them.   That afternoon however became a beefy delight, for we tried all their beef flavors- Beef Royale, Beef Supreme amd Beef Jerky.  

You can't tell which one is which, they all look alike, until you check the wrapper for the designated flavor with a ticked box below it.  So I'll just describe the different flavors we got.

Beef Royale is their all-time best seller, the filling is all ground beef, seasoned and spiced just right.

Beef Supreme is filled with more like sphagetti's meaty with tomato sauce, so kinda expect it to be gooey and saucy.

The Beef Jerky is the killer one, exagerrating.  It's spicy and will definitely jerk you up into eating more, but make sure to ready your drink, they do have  nice beverage options in the house such as fraps amd fruit shakes.

We all love three varieties and we will definitely be back for the rest of the flavors and update this post for you.  

Have you tried them, please do let me know how you like them by commenting below.

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