Monday, September 22, 2014

Kitchitora of Tokyo + Dojo Dairy Japanese Ice Cream

After attending our friends' spa opening and blessing at Legazpi St., Makati, Bhogs and I were able to find time to spend some tsukemen snack.  We found ourselves looking for a place to have some at Glorietta and we're glad we saw Kitchitora.  I didn't tell him I knew a ramen house next to Madmark's (shhh!), for it has been a long time we haven't explored the mall for some good grubs.  After checking out Android applications downloaded on our phones for the nearest Japanese place serving Tsukemen, I guided him towards Glorietta 5 and looked for it on the upper floor.  

We have Munchpunch and OpenSnap on our phones, so it was easy for us to find themed restos of our choice. 

From its moniker, “Kichi” means Lucky, while “Tora” means Tiger which are characters representing a symbol for each of the two families that collaborated to create Kichitora.  Glorietta is the second home for the Philippine flagship, the one in SM Megamall is said to be the first international branch for Kichitora Worldwide.

We mistakenly went to the side where the entrance for Madmark's is, we didn't see the entrance on the main alley of the mall, I didn't really paid attention to the wall decor or to the resto's ambiance, for I was aiming for their unique menu, so as I've read.

The seating upon the entrance was a bit cold and dark so we went in and found seats near the window fronting Ascott Hotel where there's ample lighting.

I found the place very masculine, woody, musty, dark toned, but nonetheless, inviting.

Even the table wares look earthy and vintage.  
The staff was very accommodating, who guided us through ordering.   Of course we had their best-seller Tsukemen- Paitan (White Sauce) Chicken.

I once tried cold soba, where the noodles was literally plated with ice cubes, but I never appreciated it.  Tsukemen simply means “dipping noodles.”  Cold noodles are served on separate bowls with hot dipping soup and toppings on the side, though another type, the Hiyashi Tsukemen is served with cold noodles and cold soup.

When the temperature in Japan is raised to a sweltering heat, people slurps on tsukemen instead of the hot ramen. 

For a different ramen experience this one is a must-try, especially if we are craving for noodles and it's summer or if the day is hot.

Cult fave is the Paitan Chicken Tsukemen.  The hot bowl served to us, look seemingly like a cream-based soup, but as you sip trough it, the comforting flavor of chicken soup with a tinge of sweetness at the end will keep you sipping for more.  If cold noodles is new to you, well you can dump a few at the hot bowl and glut your mouth with them, it's going to be a pleasurable one.

On the midi-sized bowl, slices of tender chicken meat are mixed in shallots, chopped cabbages and loads of thinly sliced garlic.

Bhogs had Spicy Mabo Tofu with Pork Tsukumen.  Ordering for the two of us was easy.  It always follow a pattern, chicken dish for me, while pork or beef for him.  He does not fancy spicy food that much but in this case, I asked if he wants it, and according to the staff it is not that spicy.

His bowl is hot, thick of spicy soup loaded with savory and tender pork meat, cubed tofu, leeks and chili.  I must commend the staff for recommending this, it wasn't that spicy and the soup just burst with amazing flavors from the ingredients.

Getting our ramen, fixes couldn't have gone any better.  It was too much for a snack so we weren't able to try other stuff on the menu, not even dessert.

However, as we were on our way out, I saw a freezer well stocked up with Dojo Dairy Ice Cream Cups.

I've been finding ways to try one ever since I saw them at an Instagram feed.  But couldn't manage to order.  One small cup (good for one only) cost a little more at P 150 but the rich, creamy, frozen layers of banana and strawberry is gave such a blissful state and the aftertaste from the Tsukemen just disappeared and what's left was the glorious sweetness that's au naturele.  Dining Japanese was just so addicting don't you think!

Strawberry-banana flavored Japanese ice cream from dojo Dairy.

Can't wait to try all these other flavors and share them to you.

Address:  2F Glorietta 5 

               2F Mega Atrium SM Megamall

FACEBOOK: KitchitoraPH


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