Saturday, August 31, 2013

Girl Power at Sonja's Cupcakes

Sorry about this...I found this my blogspot list of drafts, which has been there for almost a decade, ahaha.   Bhogs was asking when I  actually started blogging and it has only been about a year.   As I was checking the date when I had posted my first  blog for a restaurant we both love and the date that was, October 29, 2010, I saw this and wondered why I haven't finished writing about our candid experience. 
 This post should have been our first one for theme cup cakes.   We never knew a shop would cater to cupcake and pastry  lovers.
My girls sooo love Sonja's Cupcake Store, and I sooo love this picture.   From it's white and pink striped walls to a country kitchen inspired theme, to it's homey and welcoming ambiance, people clamor over this dainty shop, even  men didn't mind the floral table runners and the laced plate in which a cupcake was sat.   The kitchen con  baking space is separated but is just covered by a glass window..   So if they are baking, people can actually see how each cake is carefully prepared and beautifully sculptured for someone's indulgence.
Oh, since Gelatissimo is just right after Sonja's we also got each flavor for ourselves.  what could be more lovelier time with kids than that?

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