Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fisher Mall: Customer-Centric Mall Built by Passion, Heart and Soul

"Ultimately, the success of a shopping mall is grounded in a profound level of insight into the shopper’s experience and into removing every barrier between the customer and the merchandise."  That is according to Al Taubman, one of the developers of  some of the most successful malls in the United States and have influenced generations of architects, developers, retailers and planners. 

So what can you think will make a business, a new mall to be specific, to make it to the game? 

Three important matters were mentioned by Ray Del Rosario as he gave his befitting speech at the 22nd National Retail Conference and Stores Asia Expo (NCRE) held yesterday, August 7 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.  The exposition is being organized by the Philippine Retailers Association (PRA). 

"Fishermall like Irma Fishing has a lot of heart, a lot of passion and soul into it," sincerely enthused by Mr. Del Rosario, one of the three brothers who will be making marks on Fisher Mall's opening on November, 2013.   All three are sons of Roberto Nepumoceno Del Rosario, chairman of Mallers Management Corporation.  

Heart, passion and soul.

All three have also been the backbone of the Del Rosario’s forefathers who started the successful fishing business based in Malabon which now have been echoed in the actualization of the a family's dream.  

They don't even mind at all being known as the mall that "galunggong" built.  After all, even the mall's namesake came from the very business, which is also imbued in the whole conceptualization of the mall.

Also these paved the way in making Fisher Mall a very customer-centric mall – more vivid, intelligent, adventurous, imaginative, and alive with the human quest for art and beauty.  “There has to be emotional content to the shopping experience,” noted by Del Rosario as such lessons they have learned again from their father.

Another point given at the speech was that the people behind the brand understand the dynamics of commerce while  also transfixed by shopper psychology.  “Mall is made by people who go to malls. We look at the best practices and will always introduce new features which the community needs – all the features, convenience present are things we normally look for ourselves,” he furthers stressing with empathy. 

Another factor which may garner their success is recognizing the value of adopting green strategies will have visible impacts on the mall’s efficiency and profitability. Del Rosario perceives the environment as foremost among their responsibilities, and whose older brother Paul who is vice-chairman of Mallers Investment Corp., is incorporating green strategies into the heart of their business strategies.

“We are following the Green Building Program set by the local government of Quezon City for our internal and external community, our customer’s convenience and needs, as well as our tenants needs that will partner with us,” he says.
Fisher Mall follows the global standards in the development and operation of the mall, and collaborates with local and international partners to ensure the safety and sustainability of the mall, tenants and immediate community.

I mean, they actually think of their future customers, like what they would expect and what they like.   They want to see smiling faces when customers come in the mall and of course to eventually see them deciding  to stay longer and value the services they offer.

Where can you see a grocery store opening up at 7 am just to sell the fresh catch of the day?  Or one that will feature 5 cinemas, which are all digital and romantic 1920 inspired?  
Ray del Rosario, being the president of Mallers Management Corp., who loves gaming himself, have designed a state-of-the-art video arcade while their step-mom, Moleen Del Rosario leads the fashion-forward department store.  Modernized dining facilities, chore-like errands of paying one’s bill to conveniences, Wi-Fi in all areas, hotel-like restrooms to driver’s lounges, and easy navigation for customers are just some of the things they offer. The fish will be the highlight of the supermarket with their brother Obby, President of the Fisherfoods Corporation, managing it.

A business built by a family for every member of the family, all in the comfort of one roof.

On the other hand, they also think of their trade and merchandising partners, much like how they want to keep the customers coming, keeping the merchants also longer in their premise and gaining more in the future expansions.  

This is the subtotal of their family's dreams turned reality but above all, imbibing their pursuit of happiness, as their measure of success.  Though they also think of  ROI (return of investments) as would all business men do, they however put much weight on ROH- return of hapiness.


  1. Nice mall! Now, consumers have an option to buy a truly "fresh" fish/food in a not-so-smelly place.

    1. The concept is just too amazing specially for a kikay mom like me, hehe.

  2. I can't wait for this mall to open! Lapit lang nito sa bahay namin eh :)

    1. Hi Monika! Me too, I can't wait to shop here, though a bit far from us, the new amenities are hard to resist:)

  3. Is this finished already? Anyway, my inlaws are just near the area. Very convenient for them rather than going to other malls around.

    Jinkee Umali

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