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Ka Inato: Palawan's Famous Inasal Now in Manila

So you think Mang Inasal, ChicBoy, Bacolod Chicken Inasal and JT's Manukan, (oh boy there are more) have stirred foodies of Manila doing the chicken dance, well the tasty chicken business is getting bigger than you think.
Many have been debating on who delivers better when comes to grilling, but before you throw in a fit, let me introduce one that came from Palawan, and said to be the most famous  'inasal'-prepared and restaurant in the area.
Of course, before we go down the nitty-gritty of the Inasal rudimentaries, let me show off their very first branch and it's interiors.
Located at a newly opened establishment in Tandang Sora, Quezon City, the joint boasts of casual yet inviting place to enjoy a hefty meal or a local snack favorite.   
You not only get to delight in the menu offering, you also get a sight of a number of nifty art-works.  Like this for a sample.   One wall is worked-up with heated pigmented glue-stick.   Make sure to come really close to see the textured wall.  The real work of art is revealed only up close but still looks amazing at far-sight don't you think?

Everywhere you look has amazing art works.   So I guess it's enough to have simple wooden seats and table.  No fancy stuff except the food and the arts on the walls.
Their Ka Inato Chicken is so much the same version of the iconic Ilonggo dish.  Grilled over hot coals, marinated and basted with atchuete oil, and served with chili-spiked vinegar  using  breast parts with wing or legs with thigh.   So expect a large proportion of meat at P 98.00 with a cup of rice, atchara (pickled papaya) and free cup of hot soup of the day.
The generous basting of atchuete oil on the chicken perks up your senses, giving it a ruddy color and that fragrant aroma, you can not find on any other kind of grilled meat.
If you are adventurous enough and loves the spicy flavor, I dare you to try the Ka Inato Hot and Spicy Chicken, though priced a wee higher for P 103.00.   I was able to try this.   Well to be honest I never really like spicy food, except that at certain times I got the urge to be brave enough to try it.   (Di lang ako nagpahalata sa mga kasama ko, umusok talaga pati tenga ko hehehe).   You wouldn't expect it at first, because the skin still has the sweetness which fights with the spiciness  but as you dig in some more then the fierce, stingy hotness is revealed, and revealed some more, one cup of rice and a glass of cold beverage was not enough to amend it's spice.   But it wall all good, the meat is cooked thoroughly but is juicy inside.
I asked the owner, what makes them different from other restaurants serving Inasal.   According to the handsome yuppie who owns Ka Inato, Jeffrey  Roxas-Chua, they make sure they are in tune with making our nature sustainable, where in they use coconut shell charcoal, instead of the typical wood coals.
Oh, make sure to try their Kambak-Kambak.  "Kambak" is short for 'kambing' (goat or mutton) and 'baka' (cow or beef).   A spin-off from the Filipino feast requisite dish, Kalderetang Kambing and Kalderetang Baka.    Stewed in tomato sauce, the two meats came out to be tender, enough to easily melt in your mouth, with slices of potatoes, carrots, bell peppers and green chilies.   You will definitely fall in love with this dish, as uttered by Jeff, "mapapa-'kambak' ka sa sarap." Yes, I will come back for more for  this.   Can't wait for them to open near us though.
Another infamous festive dish given the Palawan's twist.   Kare-Kare (Yamang Dagat) or Seafood Kare-Kare.   Shrimps, mussels, maya-maya, and squids swim gladly together with the vegetables (that are not overcooked and soggy) in the thickened peanut sauce.   Together with the salted shrimp paste (bagoong), nothing can ever go wrong with this as a partner for your steamy rice.
Make it happen to end a rightful lunch or dinner with some sweet endings like Leche Flan and Puto Pandan.
The cheapest priced leche flan at P 28 is creamy and sweet enough to take out the "umay" factor from all those dishes.   The puto (rice cake) is best for snacks with coffee or the house blend iced tea.

Address:   G/F RMR Square, Tandang Sora,
                Brgy. Pasong Tamo, Quezon City
                (near Visayas Ave.; behind Caltex and Robinson s Supermarket.)

Contact numbers:  4011990

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  1. I wasn't able to try this when I went to Puerto Princesa, but glad there's a branch here in Manila. :)


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