Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fishing, Shipyard and the Road to Fisher Mall

   I have blogged about a new mall said to rise soon before the year ends- the Fisher Mall. It's a 1.5-hectare prime property formerly occupied by the Pantranco bus terminal in Quezon City.  Said to be a billion-peso development which, when completed, is expected to become a prime shopping destination in the metropolis.

Read about it at his post:  Find All, Be All at Fisher Mall

   At the trade night in honor of Fisher Mall and its partners, Irma Fishing and Trading, Inc., headed by Roberto "Bobby" del Rosario, was conferred a special award by Petron represented by its President, Lubin Nepumuceno, in recognition of almost four decades of loyal patronage of Petron products.
  Irma Fishing and Trading, Inc.  is the mother company of Mallers Management Corporation which developed the concept of Fisher Mall.  
Bobby del Rosario (Chairman of the MMC) started his fishing entity in 1976 with one wooden fishing boat using trawl method of fishing. Petron (known then as Petrophil Corp) supplied the fuel and lube oil requirements of Irma Fishing.
   In 1981, Irma Fishing upgraded to its first steel vessel intended to explore deep-sea fishing. Having become as one of the leading fishing entities of his time, Del Rosario was elected President of Inter-Island Deep Sea Fishing Association in 1987, where Petrophil Corp was also a founding member.
   Petrophil Corporation, that remained to be the sole supplier of fuel and oil lubricant requirements of Irma Fishing, and this time to include the LPG needs to support the other fishing periphery services (iceplants, shipyard, etc.)shipyard, was renamed Petron Corporation.
    By 1990, Irma Fishing acquired its first purse seiner. Soon after, in 1995, marked the modernization of Petron depot in Navotas to support the growing fuel and lube oil demand of the expanding fishing business in the area.
    Last year, Del Rosario created Mallers Investment Inc., to formally announce his foray into mall operations, as it commenced the construction of the next upscale shopping destination in Metro Manila, Fisher Mall, located in the former Pantranco Terminal along Quezon Ave., Quezon City.

   And looking forward by June of this year, Del Rosario is set to unveil the new  fishing industry services and facilities at Navotas Fish Complex. All throughout these business developments, Petron has stood alongside with Mr. del Rosario supporting him in his fuel and lube oil needs and this time, to include his LPG requirements for the new businesses
After almost four decades in the fishing business, the advancement in the ship repair facility, and above all, maintaining a trustworthy and strong partnership with leading suppliers like Petron, the Fisher Mall is another crowning glory from for the founder of Irma Fishing, Mr. Bobby Del Rosario. Withstanding various business challenges, Fisher Mall is another dimension of a stronger and more dynamic partnership with Irma Fishing and Trading, Inc. for a mutually rewarding and productive business relationship with its locators.


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