Saturday, April 6, 2013

Yes! I Took the Second Bite at Foodgasm 2

It all began when I received an email asking me to be one of the blogger judge for an event, The FOODGASM 2.  In a nutshell, the event is a food tasting competition which aims to showcase the up and coming food establishments in Metro Manila, where in at the end winners were judged by us, bloggers and foodies all over the metro.   Each participant were asked to  serve 800 samples of their food of choice per official entry at the event and their product will be sampled and judged by 25 famous bloggers and invited chefs.  It all happened last March 9 at the tent of Mercato Centrale, BGC.
Here are some photos of the participants with there uber delish samples.  
 Beware, make sure you had your fill before proceeding with this post, else you might take a bite at your screen.
Food Entry: Flan de Coco

Food Entry: Ice Cream
Food Entry: Baumkuchen

Food Entry: Ligid and Class A Pairing - Amaretto Sour and Almond Slice
Food Entry: Chocolate Kiss Cupcake

Food Entry: Bacon Wrapped Embutido Cupcake w/ Mashed Potato Topping

Food Entry: Lamb Steak Shawarma Plate
Food Entry: Sinantol
Food Entry: Frabelle Mini Pies
Blue Toque also had  a spot and raffled some sinful chocolate chip cookies.

Food Entry: Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake
Food Entry: Neapolitan Cheesecake bites

 With or Without Belgian Chocolates, the crunchy belly bites are to die for!
Food Entry: Chocobelly
Food Entry: Mushroom Fries

Food Entries: Chicken, Beef
 Sophia School Cafe
Food Entry: Veggie Sisig and Veggie Dinuguan

Food Entry: Black Velvet
Food Entry: Milkshake
Food Entry: Grand Central Cheesesteak

Food Entry: Jamaisian Bacon Wrap

The Verdict!
I was so happy seeing the sisters of Paire, Kat and Abby Nantes, inspite of being drastically involved in the preparation of their booth still managed to be cheerful to everyone, including me.  Oh, and of course to have a taste once again of their heirloom dish, the Ligid and the refreshing Almond Amaretto.  And what do you know they went home winning the title Expert's Choice!
Other winners are Sophia School Cafe for being the Most Innovative,  Ping Gu Mushroom Fries (People's Choice) and New Zealand Natural Premium Ice Cream (Overall Champion) for winning the awards for Foodgasm: Take the Second Bite.


  1. You're so lucky to be a judge with these kinds of events, Ms. Joy! Major foodgasm!! :D

  2. I'm kinda intrigued with Kuya Boyet's Cheesecake. Was it good? :)

  3. this year's foodgasm was way better than the first one.. happy to be part of it too.. Glad to meet you in person Ms. Joy.. sayang we weren't formally introduced ..


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