Monday, February 18, 2013

Precious Moments Cupcake Theme Soothes the Savage Soul

Remember drawing with pastels as a child? Those chalk-like crayons could always be counted on to lend a soft and diffuse effect to whatever you drew, from a dreamy landscape to a pint-sized portrait of the family dog.
An interior designed with pastel colors can impart that same ethereal quality -- and work wonders for soothing the savage soul. When you've had one of those days at work that's left you in a state bordering on the indignant, returning to a home dressed in softer, paler shades can bring you back down from the brink.
There is a tendency to regard pastels essentially as "feminine" shades more suited to bedrooms, bathrooms and dressing rooms.
So if it happens that your house isn't designed in such a theme, you can opt to lounge in a restaurant or cafe that uses that design principle.  Even in more formal places, these colors can work magic when used as a complete color scheme, rather than simply employed as accent colors.
While these delicate tones lend themselves wonderfully to period room settings, they can work well in more contemporary spaces, too. A case in point: The new 'sweet cupcake' theme of Precious Moments Restaurant and Gift-shop.

From the elegantly dressed up Christmas theme, they trimmed it down to a charming and cozy laid-back set-up, but still kept that original Sam Butcher-hued inspiration.  You can read about my previous posts on theme on the links below.
Treats Instead of Tricks, Precious Moments Experience

A new 'begging for love Timmy' figure is installed inside welcoming each visitor.  Behind it is a glass display showcase with a huge newly created,(this time) resin-made cupcakes and cupcake-designed Precious Moments babies.

How can you not be drawn in, as you will be embraced and truly welcomed by the plush comforts of the sheets kissing your skin and their pillow so perfect that its an extension of your shoulder, the paintings that promises to bring forth lovely childhood memories, a place where you can also indulge in good food and beverages.
While the first section of the cafe evokes fluffy cotton candy themed walls, the next room shows up in a sky-blue painted wall with a comfy pink sofa at the end.

Now, let's go to the upper room.  Above, on the right is a photo of the Pineapple Room, for a more exclusive dining experience that would hold up to 10 to 15 people.

As you can see, there are a lot more spaces and a lesser display but more new items are showcased and had been recently introduced.
Here, begins the tale of our table.
I cheat you not.  This burger, known as Sam Burger, is huge and  five of us shared with this, as a matter of fact.  It has a diameter of 8 inches, yes even the beef patty is whole and has the same diameter.   It has that TLC, you are looking for in a burger.  Sweet, tenderly cooked, yet juicy patty, coleslaw on sesame seeded buns.   Served with crunchy home-made potato chips.
We also  had this super yummy Carbonara.    My kids' well loved pasta dish has time and again pleasured us with the restaurant's rendition of the white thick and creamy sauce hugging each noodles.  Rightly seasoned,  embellished with more than heaping of bacon slices and Parmesan cheese.
Though we all were filled with the burger and pasta, we still managed to have samples of their pastries.
We had NY Cheesecake...though not that spectacular.
Of course, how can we not sample their pastel-hued frosted cupcakes, isn't that their new cafe theme?
They have chocolate cupcakes at the time.  For a price of P 35 each  they are cheap and cheerful sweet treats.
And then there's a slice of Chocolate cake heaven.   I know what a good chocolate cake is and mind you, it took me 10 years of baking cakes to know one.   See how velvety the frosting is, matched with the moist cake bod, perfect!
If you come for coffee and light snacks, the menu is up on the wall, though it is your choice whether to delight in soft pastel hues on the ground floor or be soaked in a sea of Precious Moments collection and just be swept off with the whole romantic and inspiring ambiance.
Oh, our group The Road Trippers were there to have a simple pre-Valentine get-together and look what a scene-stealer this heart-cake is!

Address:              95 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Palanan, Makati City
Contact details:    02- 8875252  or  02- 3871092
FB page:  Manila Precious Moments


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