Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chocolate Carving Exhibit at Marriott Hotel

 "A little chocolate is like a love affair - an occasional sweet release that lightens the spirit. A lot of chocolate is like marriage - it seems so good at first but before you know it you've got chunky hips and a waddle-walk." - Linda Solegato
 I'm pretty sure, you still can't get enough of the Valentine's season and of course the chocolates.   We still have a couple of days to savor the love month.
If you are a guy and still haven't impressed your girl yet,  Marriott Hotel Manila has something for you.   Take her to a nice dinner, buy her some heart-shaped cheesecake, and bring her to the Great Room and show her the Chocolate Carving Exhibit, or better yet buy her one of the chocolatey artistry displayed there.
I'm sure your loved one will get caught in awe as she marvels how "The Kiss" was portrayed with imported chocolates as it's only material.
And for the man of your life, a chocolate miniature Ducati motorcycle, to inspire him more.
 Why not express your deep love and astonish her beauty with "Aphrodite" -the a statuette of the Greek godess of beauty, love and eternal youth.
 If she loves shoes and chocolates, then this is perfect!
Oh yes, "Cupid" was also there!
These chocolate carvings were passionately made by Marriott's Sous Chef Chris Balane.
All these are waiting to be taken home and consumed (or not!).
See them all before they get to be taken home at Marriott Hotel's grand lobby, The Great Room.   They will be there until February 28!

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