Thursday, September 6, 2012

On Living La Vita e Bella

Bella may have been coined from the Italian (or Spanish) word which means fine, nice and beautiful.  This is what I love about this place, Sweet Bella Cafe at Burgos Circle, a place of comfort with a friend, also a place to get your caffeine fix paired with a next to perfect confectionery.
After an opulent lunch at Chef Laudico's Bistro Flipino with two of  my college batch mates, Yoj and TC, I recommended this place to TC.   Unfortunately, the meet was only for lunch, which to all of us seemed to be not enough to catch up with each others lives after college.  But perhaps the perfect time for me and my best friend exchange bitter memories and inspirit each other.
Yes I may never be rich or successful career-wise but I feel very blessed, mostly because I have friends who I can truly entrust all my secrets, my angst, difficulties, and weaknesses.   In times that are tough and life plays tricks on you, a true friend would be the best company.   Someone who gives apt replies which are full of wisdom and sincerity whenever you need advises.   Someone who would take time and go out of his or her way to remind you and testify that the sun still shines after every storms.
To show my gratitude and love to a friend who had been there for more than 19 years, allow me to share this poem.   Though I couldn't pile up words to device something as beautiful as this, This is for you Bestie!

The Gift of Friendship By Helen Steiner Rice

Friendship is a priceless gift
That can't be bought or sold,
But its value is far greater
Than a mountain made of gold.
For gold is cold and lifeless,
It cannot see nor hear,
And in your times of trouble,
It is powerless to cheer.

It has no ears to listen,
No heart to understand.
It cannot bring you comfort
Or reach out a helping hand.

So when you ask God for a gift,
Be thankful that he sends,
Not diamonds, pearls, or riches,
But the love of a real, true friend.

With that we can simply say that life can still be beautiful after all!  La Vita e Bella!

A sharing a beautiful coffee life here with TC, my best friend at Sweet Bella Cafe, where we both had Cafe Americano and mini Banoffee Pie.

In my last visit here, I was able to taste the Award-winning Chocolata.  It's a moist chocolate cake creation wrapped in dark chocolate lattice, topped with chocolate curls and accented with a butterfly chocolate.  The cafe's signature chocolate butterfly emblem makes all the difference.
Aside from the cakes, pastries and coffees, they also offer an array of dishes and sandwiches.   View their menu HERE.
We were seated by the way upstairs.   And this view of the dessert bar and offerings will welcome you as you enter.   I have been coming back for their macaroons which is always not on stock, but I would also recommend their gourmet breads, like Queso de Bola Ensaimada.

Sweet Bella Cafe
Rizal Drive, Burgos Circle, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City


  1. Na-touch naman ako don :) Love you forever bestie!

  2. Thank you Tricia for being such a good friend to Joy!


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