Monday, September 17, 2012

Lemuria: Discovering a Lost Foodie Paradise

According to a certain myth, there existed a lost continent, Lemuria, which was once home to an advanced human civilization. These so-called Lemurians possessed vast knowledge and great power, as well as the uncanny ability to communicate with one another through mental telepathy.  
Myth or not, it took us miles to search, but not a lifetime.

Eureka!  It exists!  

Took us a number of wrong turns just to finally be appeased with the mythological description of the place.   A secluded place known only to serious gourmands and touted to be one of the most endeared date-place since the Schroeders open their home and and turned their property to be one of the Manila's Best Kept Secret. 

Upon entering wooden gate, the guards will need to make sure you have a reservation.  They don't accept walk ins to make sure of exclusivity, cars are left outside the gates as well, so you will walk towards slope of a road with lush greenery welcoming you.   It's like you were led away to a vimtage-stlyle villa. You will then be led to a French country house inspired two-story building.  Below it is the Brumms Quality Wines wine cellar.  The stairs are laden with Mediterranean design ceramic tiles.
There are parts of the wall were weather have treated the bricks bringing a more rustic feel to the whole ambiance.

 Ever since I read of this place, I've been in dire dreams of coming here till finally.   I guess I can be now considered as an unspoilt foodie, neh.  You see if you are really passionate about seeking the finest, the rarest and the most delicious, you will end up like most of us food bloggers and you will definitely come here.
The splash of yellow reminds me of the romance of Tuscan design playing well with the wooden doors, braces and chairs.  
With Bhogs...

The seating is very limited, maybe about eight tables and three on the veranda.   I was kind of wishing to be seated here for a more private nook having a view of the whole garden, but by the time we got there the place was almost filled-up.

The view on our my left side.  I just love the French feel the wooden console table partnered with an antique wooden pail on a red bricked-wall.

Bread selections on nifty basket will be served immediately with it butter and vinaigrette.

The Amuse Bouche, a deconstructed Lumpia on a curved spoon.

As for our appetizer, we had Tinapa Mouse which was best eaten with more of their freshly baked breads.  This is a creamy base of mashed potato flavored with Tinapa micro-flakes served with olive oil and pink-peppers.

Filipino  Bouillabaisse is the choiced soup.   The milky broth not warmed our cold and rumbling tummies but also was a delight in every scoop.  I've read that Lemuria specialize in French cuisine.   This time however we where treated with Filipino fusion dishes.  I think this one's inspired from our Grandma's Tahong or seafood Soups, only it is made milky and slightly buttery.

The blue edible petals are a signature to Lemuria.  A frivolous way to enjoy your ho hum salad.  Again bringing in the twist to our lato ang pako salad.  Regular leaves mixed with lato, pako and salted eggs drizzled with a sweet vinaigrette.   On the same plate is a cheviche of tawilis.  Marinated raw boneless tawilis is a first time for us and I think this is the only place we can find it.  The soft meat amazingly blended so well with the tangy marinade.

This bowl of Bangus belly Ravioli with Aligue Cream Sauce, danggit chips and kesong puti crumbs is a definition of Filipino genuis!  Think of it, a fresh ravioli is stuffed with bangus belly, a sauce consisting of Aligue in reduced sauce of cream, finished off with crusty flakes of danggit and chunks of goat cheese.   I can completely get lost with this, I don\t mind at all, as long as I'm here lost in a paradise called Lemuria.

That dish lingered a bit at our palate so to cleanse it off and prepare us to the next set of dishes, we were given a glass each of Lime or Calamansi sorbet.

Along with the set dinner we ordered are a glass of red wine.

Then Bhogs had the Free range native chicken leg confit.   Bhogs was so kind enough to give me the first taste.   Then I suddenly remembered my Papa.  This is how he fried chicken for us.   Simple salted chicken deep fried in canola oil, no frills just the pure pleasure of the moist and soft meat of the native chicken (which would be contrary to having ones regular hard-meat native chicken).  The chicken is a top a mashed sweet potato with red wine reduction as sauce.

Mine was the Free range native chicken breast, which was braised in red wine reduction and wild fresh mushrooms.  At first I kind of liked it, but I was never a fan of red wine reduction with its bitter aftertaste whilst the sweet note from the same sauce also stays on the tongue.

Tsokolate Tablea and Kapeng Barako Brulee ends our languid dinner.  I definitely laud them for the exquisite mix of everything on the menu and how can we not notice the artistic detailing of our plates.

This place should not be kept secret.   The place may be pricey but the experience is all worth every penny spent.   The staff are very welcoming, you are served like an honorary person, you can ask them questions about the place and before they serve your dish they explain it what's on it.

I never rate any restaurants we go to, but this should be rated 10 out of  10, all for the food, service and ambiance.

Lemuria Gourmet Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. i want to try this place too! need to save up first though haha!:)

    1. Hi Berylle! You should, make sure you bring your bf with you...nga lang you really need to spend much, so saving for it is best. Thank God for credit cards, in our case!

  2. Hi Ms. Joy! May I know the budget I need for this restaurant experience. The place seems so interesting :) Thank you :)

    1. Hi Sar! For the set dinner that we had at that time each head costs P2000 ++. But from time to time there are voucher deals that give discounts with Lemuria to about 50% discount. Check Deal Grocer...

  3. A perfect place for couple's date on their Anniversary!

  4. A perfect place for couple's date on their Anniversary!

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