Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wanting and Getting More for Less at

I have made mention many  a times how practicality and great time with family and friends go hand in hand.   Having to raise up a family of  six plus extended family members, plus multiplying numbers of friends, wanting to please them all  at certain times would cost you  lot, I mean  lot!   Often times we tend to forget about ourselves in the process.   Putting more pressures to us, ending up in frustrations and beginning the cycling effect all over again.   Indeed having  a sizable amount in your wallet is always an advantage or  credit card for that matter, which I don't really suggest,  but a cunning move says it all.  
Not many know that I value practicality but not to the point of putting off quality.   Gone are the days that you wear branded and expensive T-shirts and jeans just to show off and shout  to everyone you are able.   Hhhmmm...however it made me think that now since time had evolved and innovations come like raindrops in the sky, people still had that same mentality, but  have side-tracked however to techie gadgets.   And how about social media bragging, everyone seemed to be in compete with were one is at or where one had eaten lunch and of course the photos that never seemed to end loading up about summer escapades or tours the families enjoyed.   And the long list  continuous.
So how can a simple mom like me, who has no work, has four kids living comfortably,  with a husband who has to be made king (at all times and me a queen every time) at certain times, manages to spend a fine dinner at several restaurants  or have  weekend excursions to enchantment every month?
This have never been  a secret,  online deals,  voucher purchases,  Gift cheques, social media promos are just  a few of what I have used so far.   I bet you may have registered on something like those I mentioned, unless you are like somebody who spends money like there's no tomorrow anymore.   But frankly never in my entire blogging life have I given any hint  on where to go for deals and stuff.    I tell you, there are  a lot but only  few are truly credible, the least to my standard.  
This time I'll be pointing out a very promising company who provides deals, discounts and promotions for products of all types.   Considering the fact that the company is new, in clean slate and having immersed to the idea of valuing the worth of services and products by taking care of both the buyers' and merchants' needs.
For those who have businesses but aren't getting target markets and thus getting less returns from their investments, ADSTBLE, Inc.  is your solution.   Through, they could provide whatever clients may need online- from start-ups to well-established firms – to leverage social media and help clients’ companies grow. "We help our clients create traffic of buyers making your products known, not just locally but globally as well,” said Michael Legaspi, managing director of ADSTABLE, Inc. (sole owner of  Legaspi wanted something that would finally help marketers and clients understand how to utilize social media marketing concepts in a practical and efficient manner. shares all the tools and techniques one needs – the guy or gal people want to be friends with and whose business gets talked about constantly. “ADSTABLE thru gets you on the right track and ultimately grow your business,” Legaspi noted. The strategy of getting the best business solutions via online has gained an unlimited rise of sales worldwide, it’s a battle cry for any businesses to grow, measure, expand and optimize their online presence. The social media movement has provided the business owner powerful tools for reaching thousands of prospects and clients at the click of a mouse. However, without a strong business strategy and knowledge of online marketing, these tools are often in vain. Success in this new media requires you to partner with a strong business mindset.
Considering the fact that the company is new, in clean slate and having immersed to the idea of valuing the worth of services and products by taking care of both the buyers' and merchants' needs.
“What makes us inherently different from our competitors?  We charge only a reasonable percentage for every sale of the deal. The goal is to help our clients make more money. That goal is our outcome. We market their business and the payment gateway. We apply this golden rule: No Sale No Charge Policy. Our prospects will have the chance to have their deals featured and be overwhelmed of the high rise in sales,” Legaspi explained. simply amplifies their success. It is in fact the framework you absolutely must have to attract people to your product and service. “Our company provides clear solution to complex product advertisements and marketing while using our unique expertise and skills in understanding the buyers’ attitude and interest.” From its essence to its look and feel, business model, affiliations, and so on, it has never been more important to thoroughly plan your brand. is the perfect channel for allowing people to get a taste of your product or service – it’s sampling made easy.
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