Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bohol's Cafe Atanacio

Usually, when I return from a trip, or even on an event, I can’t wait to write about it, but this time, I somehow seem to be terribly behind…..Our Bohol trip was so awe-inspiring, and I won't allow for this to take  a month  to complete our Bohol travelogues…
Don't get confused,  you're on food blog alright, in fact my travelogue starts at a hotel's cafe.  After the brouhaha with Cebu Pacific's flight issues, we made sure that though our visit to my father's homeland though short, it had to be worth all the effort,  as it always was with our past vacations here.
Every time I come here there is always something new, to explore, to delve in to and to taste.  We Filipinos could never get used to our own cuisine.   Specially if we deliberately grew up with it.   After  grueling flight early in the morning, I know we are in for a treat.   My parents came Friday from Milan, Italy, Saturday was our flight to Bohol which got cancelled, Sunday was my aunt's wedding and we however made it just in time for the preparations for the said wedding.  The good thing was that the ceremony at the Antiquera church was at 2 pm we came by 10 at Bohol Tropics Hotel in  Tagbilaran.     Tired, hungry yet excited I had my two girls try on their gowns, for they were flower girls.   And guess what my Dana's gown was way too big for her and my Danica's was  bit skin-tight.  The entourage was being made up, but the eight of us still needed to take showers and hurried up for the 30-minute travel from Tagbilaran to Antiquera.   
Enough with the qualms, this is now my chance to once again check out the authentic Bohol's take on the Visayan cuisine, if there is such a thing.  First stop is the hotel's restaurant, Cafe Atanacio.   

The gorgeous landscape of the whole hotel led to this massive parlour-like appeal to Cafe Atanacio.  The structure seemed to be floating on air from the facade and if you step further,  a pristine view of the the sea with boats and ships in harmony with the cool air and the sun's rays.   The next best thing to enjoying the whole captivating view was to savor their culinary.
To begin with...
Mushroom soup, not something Bol-anons would boast about though,
How about this one, Sinigang na Sugpo?
Hoping I'm getting your attention...
This heavenly Chopsuey will sure to keep you come back here.  Fresh veggies, sliced squids, and meats, dredged with mushroom sauce, I tell you nothing like it here in Manila, hhhmmm, let's see...(does this mean I m now trying more Chopsuey variations here in the metro?)  
What they are really known for, Sinugbang Talakitok.  This is what my parents have been craving for since the thought of Phlippines exhausted their minds hours before their flight here in Manila.  Yes,  they are now happy, to have once again meet with this lovely entree.  
They were actually tempted to order more dishes on the menu, but time holds us for the wedding, and we said we needed to have our tummies ready for the feast we will be partaking at the reception which the hotel will also be catering.  
Next blog will still be about gastronomic partakings from our Bohol trip so do check it out soon.  
How's that for a Food Trip Friday!


  1. We've never been to Bohol, but we'd love to visit this place someday and try their culinary treats, like their chopsuey and Sinugbang Talakitok. Thanks for your FTF visit!

  2. yum...looks very delicious, am drooling and hungry too. I only been to Pandanon island, a beautiful beach in Bohol. I hope to explore Bohol more someday. Welcome back and hope you had a wonderful time in Bohol. Dropping some love for Food Trip Friday, hope that you can return the favor too.


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