Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bohol and Waffle

It's our second morning in Tagbilaran, Bohol Tropics Hotel to be distinct.   I had a very nice early sleep on my comfy bed.   Such a bummer, I had the extremely painful headache just right after my tita's wedding, we went to our room after we I had a light dinner at the reception, at the same hotel.

To give you an inspiring and imaginative thought on how the reception was,  as what every wedding ought to be, it was extravagant, but something the wedding celebrants and their families and guest would truly treasure.   The simple yet antiquated dining hall, though not so spacious, was back-grounded by the sea, where lights from boats give the luster.   Typically humid even at night, you would want to move closer to the balloustered edge of what seems to be a floating hall, and bask in the light, cool breeze of Panglao ocean as the black wide-open sky is spotted with sparkling stars.

I feasted on a plate of glorious "Lechon De Leche" and five more dishes on our table.   Nothing fancy but the Lechon got to be the knocker, I'm not quite a meat-eater, I'd rather gorge on salad, chopsuey or similar veggie dishes than have a meat and sauce type of dish.  But who could resist this amazing tendered pork goodness.

Going back to our breakfast, it was indeed one of the best that I had.  Why? First, not only my kids were with me but also my parents who visited from Milan, Italy and they treated us with days of hotel stay and countryside tour in Bohol.

And ahhh, the American breakfast, I have been dreaming about and now still lingered on my mind.  Not about the crispy and well-cured bacon or even the perfectly cooked sunny-side eggs,  but it's about the best-tasting waffle ever and waking up in Bohol to delight in it's grandeur and gastronomy.

Of course, no sane man could say breakfast is equally substantial without  cup of cofffee, and Bohol has one of the finest blend of coffee.  My Lola even told us  story of them having toasted rice grains with a bit of ground coffee from beans available in their town market, which in Antiquera happens every Sunday.  By the way, Aniquera is well-known for their basketry and handicrafts made with indigenous raw materials such as, rattan, palm leaves and nipa.

Here are other choices for the complimentary breakfast.  One has the option between an American or Filipino  type of breakfast.   Aside from coffee and juice, fruit slices in season are also included.   The big plate is  a very hefty serving of rice or bread, meat viands,and eggs.   Ooops, two fried eggs for the ala carte customer.

The picture above has tocino that's also good.

Another hearty plate for one of my daughter, with french bread and extra fluffy fried eggs.
After this we are now off to conquer the tourists' spots of Bohol in one day.    I'll be having the excursion details at my other blog, for the mean time enjoy these few pictures that we have.

From the Blood Compact Site - depicting the 1565 Sandugo between Spanish explorer Miguel López de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna, the chieftain of Bohol.

Baclayon Church, second oldest stone church in the Philippines which was constructed in 1595 by the Jesuit priests.

25-foot python supposedly to be the world’s largest python in captivity in Bohol, found in Alburquerque Zoo.

Fall spot in the Loboc River

20-m long hanging bridge made out of bamboo, along Sevilla, near the Loboc River.


  1. wow! great pictures and beautiful views Sis Joy. The food looks very delicious and am drooling :-) I am your new GFC(wifetoalineman02) follower here. I hope that you can return the love too.

  2. Hi wifetoalineman, thanks for dropping by, follwed you already!

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  4. Bohol is beautiful! Foods are awesome here, too!


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