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Remarkable Steak Experience and More at L'Entrecote

Would you believe that I totally ran out of words to start of.   I have been putting off for days the review for this seeming Parisian Bistro for some reasons.  One,  every time I think of the just the word "l'entrecote" my brain suddenly sends irrational neuron signals to different parts of my senses which leaves me day-dreaming then gets me fixated throughout the day, fixated to the taste and thought of the ultimate steak sauce ever.  Second reason is that I don't only want to awe my readers of how a brilliant observer I am (wishing and pushing my luck though of getting you interested in my writing even, nahhh!), but more so I want to invibe you to have a sort of  insightful obervation through the pictures and my description and then entice you, because I strongly recommend this place.   First-rate French cuisine, and to think this is a casual dining set-up.   The place may evoke class and finesse and not to mention being in Burgos Circle of Forbes Town  where fine dining and premier food choices is but just a commonplace.
Their menu is straightforward, downright comfort  from  a Swiss who married a Filipina, Chef Martin Kaspar's food.
Now prepare to be awed...
Foie Gras with Apricot Sauce and Melba Toast.
Alright, foie gras, a French word for fatty liver,  is a pâté  made from fattened goose liver.   I've read that geese are forced-fed, so to enlarge the liver.   It may be gruesome for others yet it served up to be fancy restaurants' lists of expensive dishes.   Too bad I wasn't able to ask Chef Martin how complicated the process may have been.   But I guess tasting the smooth, silky and rich flavor made my mouth enjoy it and thus forgot about its process and all.  Made even richer with peppered apricot sauce.  This is not my first time at this place 
Pissaladeire with Onions, Anchovies and Black Olives.    Another stark beginning for a stark lunch or dinner.   A pizza-like dish, where a crusted bread topped with caramelized onions, slightly-salty anchovies and my favorite pizza-topper, black olives, whole and pitted, not sliced!  The irony, is that I usually avoid onions, when eating salads or any dish where it is a major ingredient,  but the sweetness made through caramelizing  made it really appetizing, and indeed it was good, were the tartness and saltiness plays gorgeously in my mouth.
Crispy freshness in every bite.   These Melba Toasts are the perfect partner to the Foie Gras.   Bite-sized already and light.   Another thing that I consider with toasts and newly-baked breads are the sound.  Kkkkssshh,  should echo in the quaint corner of the room when you crack it or munch in to it.
Three Mushroom Pie.  The name said it all.
Inside the crispy hot phyllo are wild mushrooms.  Don't hesitate to glide it on the vinaigrette around the plate and you will discover  a different taste.
The house salad made more scrumptious with walnuts making it rustic, yet even more satisfying.
Seared Foie Gras on  mashed potato with restaurant-made peppered-pineapple jam.  A different take on liver-made dishes.   The fruity sauce paired with that perfect bit of crispy fat  on the edge of a grilled steak taste.   Foie gras is bit mystifying for me, if you haven't tried it yet it is kind of like the taste of the beefy bone marrow,  melt in your mouth experience without the bitter taste of any liver.  Well that's what they serve, i just don't know how other restaurants.

Fine Flat noodles for times when you need to load up on carbohydrates.   Choose from two kinds of sauce,  above is the spinach  cream sauce.   More of like a Pesto sauce without the strong, pungent aroma and taste of basil.   I love green veggie-based pasta sauces.   But if you're not, you may try this, this has the creamy spell without the leafy-taste of spinach but loads of vitamins and minerals, which is good for the whole family.  Toppings also can be chosen,  This has lobster slices on it.  Among the other options are having it with Lapu-Lapu fillets or Grilled beef tips.

Fine Flat Noodles with Tomato-Chili-Herb Sauce topped with seared Lapu-Lapu.  A tangy fresh tomato based pasta dish.
And now, I give you L'entrecote grilled USA Prime Steaks bathing on secret herb butter sauce, served with french fries..  Spine-chilling as I try to recollect how I felt with the first experience with this drool-worthy dish. L'entrecote, as Chef Martin have explained from the beginning for it's namesake, is a French word for a prime cut of steak, making it a rare and exclusive steak.   And the signature sauce  concocted from  31 ingredients.
Raspeberry and Caramelized Walnut Ice Vacherin.   This dessert was included in Inquirer's top 20 desserts.   So no exaggeration has to be made at all.  Simply delightful without feeling guilty on the sweet.
Crepes Suzzette with Vanilla Ice cream.   Mango lovers would surely grab a plate of this.
A tower of Meringue with Vanilla and Strawberry Ice cream, on a dazzling plate of chocolate syrup, fresh strawberries and nuts.
Chef Martin Kaspar, owner and head chef.   All thanks to him , now I have food-dementia, a syndrome where another lunch at  L'entrecote is the medication.
Seriously, this man deserves all the applause.  He put French comfort food on the pedestal of  casual dining but with a touch of opulence.  As family-man himself he value not only good food but healthy and fresh ingredients that make great food.
Kids are welcome here also, since they are open during Sundays, families with kids would have lunch here.   Treats await any kids who looks for heavy and meaty goodness of  L'entrecote Steaks and Fries.

Here is where to find them
Forbes Town Center - Unit A Belagio 2 - Burgos Circle Bonifacio Global City


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  4. Hmmm.... they do look good but i think they're in small portions. Well, small portions? i prefer bountiful and abundant dishes. I'm quite skeptical about this. Anyways, i might as well indulge myself with the Tower of Meringue with ice cream...

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