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November Kulinarya Entry: Arroz Caldo

Truly hopeful that this is still valid for this month's round-up.   Interestingly, as always, whenever the theme was announced, ideas pop everywhere.   I've actually made up a list and have started to plan how to make this post not only relevant but also informative.   
I said to my self, this is going to be an easy one so maybe I can go to a certain restaurant to do  a simple write up highlighting  nonetheless,  the Arroz Caldo.   First thing that came to mind was Chowking.   Come to think of it, I never did any review on a Chinese restaurant or congee even.   But to my dismay the plan was not made into reality.    My parents came for  a visit from Milan, Italy.   I was going to draft the recipe first-hand and have it ready for the group post date.   But it was our trip to Baguio, to make the whole thing worst I left the laptop at home and my Papa's Ipad was intentionally left at home.   I also run out of time to prepare the dish itse
So, here I am posting my recipe of Arroz Caldo without anything to say about it.    I made a few sightings on some of our co-Kulinaryans and I think they've said it all.   I will give the round-at the bottom for everyone resource on this very easy to do and undeniably comforting food.
I made my recipe as though I cooked  Tinolang Manok (Chicken in Ginger Broth), but had the garlic and ginger removed after sauteing them, leaving the spice and the essence of the garlic and ginger.   I don't want my kids scavenging for them while they are eating it, or if they've eaten it they would usually spit it out.   Nasty sight in the table.
Instead of regular cooking oil, I used EVOO (extra-virgin olive oil)  as what I usually use in my Tinola whenever there is someone down with colds and sniffles.    Oh, it's also the first time I put saffron shreds on a dish.   SO SOSYAL!  (Evoking posh on the dish)  So here is my pimped up version of Arroz Caldo.

The SOSYAL na Arroz Caldo (Serves only 4)
4 pieces chicken drumsticks
1/2 cup of rice (Dinurado)
2 TBSP olive oil (extra-virgin or any oil)
3 big cloves of garlic ( peeled and pounded only)
4 TBSP of sliced ginger
1/2 cup of leeks, sliced diagonally
spring onions
1 tsp of saffron (kasubha)
slices of salted egg for garnishing

Here is how to do it:
1.  Saute ginger and garlic in EVOO.   Once they are brown, removed them.
2.  Saute the drumsticks.   Lightly brown the skin.
3.  Put it the rice (unwashed).  Slightly cook it in the oil, stirring rapidly to avoid the rice sticking in the pot.
4.  Pour 3 cups of water.  Wait for it to boil, then lower the fire.  Stirring occasionally.
5.  Once the rice is cooked put the onions and leeks.
6.  Season with salt and pepper.
7.  Achieving a thick consistency and the rice overcooked is how I like it, but at this stage you may turn off the stove and add the saffron shreds.
8. Prepare to garnish.
9.  On the bowl finish by topping with sliced salted eggs and spring onions.
There you have it!
Now time for me to blog-hop at the Kulinarya grou pages.

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  1. Looks perfect and yummy!
    i've never thought of putting salted eggs, i'd like to try it next time!

  2. too bad I don't have an entry for this month.. Yours looks so comforting..

  3. Nice addition of leeks, I love the taste of it specially in soups...imagine sa Arroz Caldo=) I love the look, the broth looks so tasty specially it looks thickened from cooking...sarap!

  4. The young onion/salad onion was a nice touch!

  5. It's yummy...Arroz Caldo is the one of my favorite breakfast...

  6. hmnnnn...drooling!

    thanks for visiting my blog and yes, i am following you now.:)


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