Friday, September 30, 2011

An Outrageously Filling Dinner at Uno Pizzeria

Let's talk about passion. 
During my daughter's birthday,  hubby and I were actually thinking of where to bring the kids for dinner, they are four , bytheway,  having to consider what each one likes and what they are to say with what they may order.   Passions means differently for every people.  It defines how they look at life and what actions they do in lieu of it.   
For a food blogger, it may be about cacoethes or admiration on food and anything that surrounds the idea of it.   For an advocate it may be the strong feeling of doing something worthwhile and thus becoming a catalyst of change.  For parents like us, it is an encompassing emotion that you do to give your kids joy, and my case, the joy of eating.   HHmmm...Funny, I guess,  that could be why I was named  Joy, one of my passion is really being able to give joy in whatever I do for others and therefore doubling the joy that ricochets back at me.
I posted a blog already about how we made our daughter simply happy, with her classmates and her surprise cake and a tour at Cosmic Center.  As a continuation to my daughter's birthday celebration, we decided to go to Uno Pizzeria.
And passion indeed nails down Uno Pizzeria's fair game.   Their enthusiasm in giving every customers their dining and yeah, entertainment pauperism take in customers.   This isn't our first time to eat here.    I did thought though that this is not an establishment where couples or families with kids could enjoy.   I was wronged.    Well good thing we did come back, for me to find that out.   You'll see as you scroll down further and check the pictures out.

They were renovating when we visited, and it wasn't crowded for it was Thursday, however I've heard that usually they are at night especially weekends.   Now they have family packages in their menu ranging from P800 to P 1300,   which is quite hefty for 4 to 5 angry tummies.
We had the package complete with pasta, side dish, chicken and rice, pizza and pitcher of iced tea.  The Buttered Chicken came out with plate-full of large Onion Rings.    The steamy rice came in next, that's the time my kids were clapping their hands in awe, all ready for their challenging taste test.   These crispy-liscious chicken won me over.  The glaze is adorable, the buttery scent and flavor adds to it.   Though the sauce were smothered as if sticking to the outside of the meat, didn't  ruin the crispiness of the skin., but the inside was soft and savory.
The Onion Rings was not so sale-able for my kids,  for one, they don't eat raw onions, however they did make some bites.   My husband and I liked it, it's more like an onion tempura and when dipped to the dressing becomes a snack in itself.
And the plate that emptied first, the one with Shrimp Scampi.   The pasta (lunga),  seemed to me like one of my favorite pasta dish,  Sphagettini al Gamberi, though this one has cream sauce.  I just can't remember if it's cheesy as a Mornay Sauce or just light as bechamel sauce, whatever it may be, all I remember is that it left us all speechless when our mouths were filled with them.  
The highlight of the evening...tadahhh!,  Cheeseburger Pizza.   Dear God, this pizza is so big  and the savory aroma (like that of a fave cheeseburger of mine) almost enveloped the whole table,  our tummies are a bit full, but we dare not give in the the pizza's calling.   As you can see, my son was so thankful, and looked as if he might be in pizza paradise, as we were able to give them out of our passion, the dinner we haven't had for months now.  A dinner full of precious family time.   Do you think we finished the pizza?   They tried, oops, that doesn't mean they didn't like it, they couldn't finish it.   The pizza, full of beefy and cheesy goodness, qualifies as one of the best pizza in town.   I did like the pizza we had also, the last time we went there, well that's way back June.
The Pizza-monsters, hihihi, I don't know what my daughter is doing at this picture, but everyone sure did revel  my daughter's birthday.
Now the perfect endings, for a passion full of revelry with refreshing Parfaits for dessert.   
Dana with Calamansi Sherbet/Sorbet with toppings-galore.  Thanks Miss Girlie Herrera ( the restaurant Supervisor), for these sweet treats.   The icy, tangy and lucet desserts are perfect for these tummy-filling meal.   I never really thought that a hint of chocolate blends in so well with crystallized Calamansi and Lychee puree.
Chocolate Parfait for the birthday celebrant.   Indeed, we felt the passion from Uno Pizzeria Ristorante Bar.
Tutti i migliori a tutti Uno Pizzeria (all the best to everyone at Uno Pizzeria)

This is my also my entry for Food Trip Friday's meme...


  1. Every bite!!! Oh...oh, so yummy!!
    [Uno is a card game in America, and I love THAT too. LOL]

    Want some more treats today? Then, stop by my A CRESCENT CITY CONNECTION

    Hope your Friday has treated you well.

  2. i love a huge pizza that everybody can enjoy. the dessert looks yummy.

  3. ..oh my, i love pizza! i want to try thisplace.

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