Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Baon Recipes" By San Miguel Great Food Club

Seriously, this is way old in my draft Blogger bin.  Till an invitation once again came to my Yahoo mail for a concluding event from San Miguel happened before I had even have this posted.   The event was for the Final  Cook Off of San Miguel GFC "My Best Sunday Recipe Contest" held at the San Miguel Corporation cafeteria.  Sadly I wasn't able to make it for we stayed stuck in in my daughter's doctor's office until 2 pm and the event started at 2.  However for updates on that event click at

So it was last August 9 when I got  invited at San Miguel Purefoods Culinary Center at Pasig for the "Baon Recipes Cooking Demo."    Together with other Great Food Club Members, we got the first hand view of the new and exciting dishes which were shared at their website.   Chef Kai Verdadero-O gave us a very lively and true to the word informative  show.   Some of us were able to share the kitchen with Chef Kai for a hands-on experience of every recipe, plus going home with the chic and cute Great Food Club Apron.

Some of San Miguel Purefoods' products highlighted on the demo.
Beef and Cheesesteak Sandwich
Similar to PhillyCheese Steak Sandwich Popularized in the Southern part  of  US
Chocolate Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting
These are store-bought chocolate cupcakes, however a dream came true of learning how to make an easy  cream cheese frosting.
Chocolate, Peaches and Cream Triffle
I'll definitely have this posted on my  recipe blog, cushy dessert and are to die for, best not only for "Baon" but can definitely be the "star" of any party table.
Stuffed Pork Roll
Butterflied Porkchops filled with the same goodness of  Chicken Cordon Bleu, topped with Mornay Sauce
Mornay Sauce is a Bechamel Sauce or a basic white sauce with cheese.

Shanghai Minced Meat on a plate of Garlic Fried Rice
Creamy Chicken Penne
Pasta with the same Mornay Sauce, baked.
Shanghai Noodles
Remember the Shanghai Minced Meat Picture at the top, the same recipe was used but made more dramatic and Chinese by adding noodles and bean sprouts

Chef Paul and the staff completed the delightful afternoon with these "Monkey Buns"  or Cinnamon Sticky Buns with coffee overflows.
Being a member of San Miguel Great Food Club has lots of perks, not only you can buy  their products fresh, you also get to learn knew recipes you and your family can really enjoy.   A smashing experience gained each day adding up to joy and expertise in cooking.   Thanks to Chef Kai and the full force behind events like these created for us.
So better stretch your fingers now and click click on San Miguel Great Food Club website, join with us to get free recipes and check out events sponsored by San Miguel Purefoods.   Before I let go reading this Sunday's post, I'm not promising to try to make all of these, and sorry for not giving you the recipes, I have a separate recipe blog, where I try dishes, my own or others, such as these, so Please do visit that blog, you might find these recipes there and more unusual, easy on the budget, and of course easy to make recipes.
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