Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Frugal Friday at Shiro Shiro

No marriage relationship (or any relationship for that matter) have ever captured the true essence of love,  if they had not yet overcome any  difficulties and failures along the path.   I tell you no path is always as golden as the "yellow brick road,"  there are barren lands, stony creeks and mountains to climb but each journey becomes more meaningful if forgiveness and love lights each way.    You may agree or not, but each o us has their own say and own personal journey to muster, but I boast not of the many wonders I've seen as we took the same journey, talking about who else than with Bhogs, a member of my family, the most prominent one, who happens to be the father of my kids.

As we scored more this time, hitting it quite big though, as we opt to spend our alone time with each other at restaurants we hadn't tried yet, and might not even know how to locate the place thereof,  though most of the time we easily find the place (thanks to Google and Wikimap).    It's fun and exciting looking for places we haven't been to for we have more time (to argue, of course not, oh sometimes, okay most of the time) to talk about what had gotten us through tough (even miserable times) and how we are savoring moments mostly involving dining and getting our bellies stretched for the nth time.
So  as I've said, we have a winner this time!   It's Shiro-Shiro at the opulent Boulevard Hotel.   Frugal deal winner.   We had this frugal dinner last Friday night.   We were quite surprised that no one was there, concerning it's Friday.   The place is very modern Japanese look.  The place is wide and has lot's of sitting capacity, as always they deliver a clean, chic and Zen inspired atmosphere.  There was one time though that I almost tripped myself off, there is a tricky and unusual step about 12 inch in width and a long stretch from one end to another, which at first what seemed to be a lighted canal but with white pebbles and sands instead of water.   The spot I was telling you about is part of the flooring but with glass encasing the unassuming canal.   I thought it was a nice touch to whole feel of the place.
Talking and talking about everything, we paused and I asked him what the name of the famous Japanese novela back in our days of young, hehehe.    Where a man in traditional Kimono, with a child donning a funny haircut accompanying him in his journey, always in trouble with his trustee Samurai.   He smiled and said he was thinking of the same scene.    It was all because of the background music that was being played, which  is a remarkable composition of notes played on a stringed Japanese instrument, which I don't know, but definitely brought us to the scenes where Itto Ogami (the Samurai man) and Taiguru (his sidekick) were tredding along scenic lakes and mountains or path of Cherry Blossom trees. It was one of his favorite movies at that time, but he can't seem to remember the title.
The ambiance, the music, all top-notch and the service, the staff are so accommodating greeting us with smiles and not having to wait for our food that long.   They are very amicable, telling us which might be good to have and are always a look-away for assistance.
They offered three new sets of a five-course meal, the Okinawa , Tokyo and Kyoto.  The three mentioned are names of some of the famous cities of Japan.   Designed by Japanese celebrity, Chef Keltaro Kawasaki.   For our first visit we chose the Okinawa Set.
On this beautiful island belonging to the Ryukyu group of islands, Okinawan Chefs have three rules: keep it simple, keep it fresh, keep it natural. This set stays true to its traditions by using only freshly harvested ingredients, prepared in a delectable fashion where natural flavors of food are highlighted and celebrated.   Here are what is included in that sumptuous set.
 Choregi Salada, julienned carots, turnips, ginger and cucumber on a bed of lettuce with sesame dressing.   The spice from chopped chilies put a kick on a normal veggie plate.
Sushi/Sashimi Platter can be as simple as it looks but tastes amazing, the secret is in the freshness of the seafood variety.

 Emperor Soup.  This soup is so light and clear but heavy on the flavor, the mushroom taste stands out but according to the menu its a veggie soup, I could live with this alone, truly comforting.
 Tiger Prawn Roll.   This one's a mighty fighter.   Slices of crisp fried tiger prawn rolled in a sushi, smothered with Japanese Mayo and something like a Teriyaki sauce.   If the presentation caught you in jitters wait till it capture your sense of taste, we bought loved this!
 And last but not the least, the perfect ending to an evening that's worth having and sharing....
Mango and Avocado Tempura.  When it was tendered at our table, I said "oh wow", for the scent of  strawberry syrup lingered and the sight of the chocolate all magnificently allocated  will  astound you.  The sliced mango and avocado battered and deep fried, served with vanilla ice-cream was peculiar, I've tried banana tempura, but never mango and avocado.   I love the avocado better, cause I found the mango sour.  But the partially melted ice cream adds in to meliorate the sourness given by the mango.
Though looking ahead with much more differences, quarrels and so forth, times of making up and spending quality time talking nonchalantly with  marriage gimmicks on sidelines makes the whole living package worth having, but being frugal sets it apart more!

Shiro Shiro Japanese Restaurant
G/F Boulevard Hotel & Residential Suites, 1440 Roxas Blvd. cor. Salas St., Ermita, Manila

Phone: 353-1179

NTBN:  This is my entry for Food Trip Friday!


  1. Delicious! Nice food presentation too! Visiting from Food Trip Friday!

    The Twerp and I

  2. @jellybelly...tnx! it was indeed very nice to the eyes and for the mouth as well!

  3. oh,my golly! I can't afford this kind of fine dining...yummylicious!

  4. I don't go for Jap foods but the presentation above made me change my mind, lOL! Now I want to buy something Japanese. I simply can't help but drool over here!

  5. I would love to try that tiger prawn roll. Visiting late from FTF!

  6. @Dhemz, Deary, the food we had was for two which only costs a mere P400, a frugal deal from

  7. @Lainy, Japanese cuisine are trully exquisite, I also never liked it before but when I tried it took me to a whole new idea of food adventurism!
    @tetcha, The tiger prawn is really, you have to try it it's so good!


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