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The Bon Chon Way

Ginger Tofu Salad
 Let me ask this question again,  who doesn't eat fried chicken?  A certain vegetarian would be so proud to raise a hand, or both hands even, and would say pity little feathery pet...A health fanatic would ramble about it being too fatty and cholesterol-rich and most grandmas would always say broccoli is better, hmm, how come vegetables are always better to eat, though less tasty as the meats?   Bet vegetarians wouldn't know the answers.
Anyways, I don't mean to be against any "food-ology" or principles on eating habits, I just would want to put a stress on how eating a lovely fried chicken could ease your cares away (specially if one is too hungry), and what could a double fried chicken might do even better.
Finally, I was able to drag myself into the enjoyment of knowing things behind every foodies thought, and in this case knowing more on the much blogged and talked about chicken diner, Bon Chon chicken.   I was planning for the longest time of visiting one Bon Chon restaurant after hearing from a fellow blogger how their fried chicken tastes better than commercialized fast-foods.     Also, hearing that "it is the best chicken in America," I did promise myself to have a try on this.   Then finally, thanks to one heck of a famous blogger,  I was able to check it out at the Ayala Triangle.

Bon Chon Chicken Wings

Alright, I'll be letting you in on a secret.  You see, Bon Chon has a unique way of cooking their fried chicken, it's double fried.   First, they deep fry a good batch at a controlled heat to evenly cook, till it reaches the meat inside, in this way also, it renders the fat from the chicken and leaving just the healthy goodness in it.   Once cooked, they cool it for some time and re-fry the batch, this time putting the secret sauce.   You will not see a dry, stone-hard, salty or browned chicken on your plate.   What you will get out of this process is a crunchy, without oils running down your fingers, glazed outside and savory meat inside.   I didn't care having to lick my fingers after having one and another, Soy Garlic chicken wing.   They also have it in Spicy flavor, you will know the difference of it from the other when you see chickens with toothpicks, those are the spicy ones.   I do like the spicy chicken, the peppery hotness is just fine for my delicate mouth, but if your's are the dragon-types, who likes it to the extreme spice, you can ask them while ordering so they could adjust the spice for you.
What's so appealing about their chicken is the semi-caramel sweetness with a bit of a tang of the glaze which clings to the meat, and to the skin of the chicken.   I bet my kids would really love these!
Now that we know what the secret is (well there is still a secret though, the special sauce used in the chicken to achieve the true Bon Chon taste) , there is more that you can find either to go with those amazing chicken  or enjoy other Korean dishes.   Oh yes, Bon Chon is a Korean ideal,  the sauces are concocted at Korea and brought all over the world, where there is Bon Chon, like in the US where it became a hit.
Here are the stuffs I also hot to try:
The Ginger Tofu Salad.   Being one of the most-ordered in the salad category,  I say why not.  I didn't know that finely minced ginger can be a fine ingredient on a salad, sure I had a few asian-inspired salad but as good as this, very light on the tummy, as what a starter dish ought to be, however if you're too  health conscious this might be the best lunch or dinner.
The Calamari.   Bite-sized squid rings that's chewy but not hard to swallow.   This has always an issue with several Calamare I had.   But Bon Chon's has the ones that is just right to the taste, not salty or too spicy and has the mayo dip that's a perfect match.
However, if you've inspected, they don't have a dessert yet, but are now thinking of adding some on their menu.   From what I've heard, they had experimented on putting a yogurt station on one of their branches.   And are still on the process of incorporating it to the whole Bon Chon ideal.
Fish Taco

Bulgogi Rice
The Fish Taco.   Cream Dory cutlets are used to entice any diner who's accustomed to Mexican or Mediterranean dishes.   Though it may look Mediterranean, it sure is Korean.   Kimchi, a staple of Korean cuisine was added to enhance the sauce mixed in with the coleslaw and cream dory fillets.  The hint of kimchi blended in so well with the typical coleslaw had given me a whole new cuisine to get wind on.
Then there's Bulgogi Rice.   Let me admit, this is my first take on a Korean restaurant or fast-food for that matter.  I knew for a fact that Koreans like it hot, however, this one's a topper.   The beef slices a top the steamy rice is marinated so perfectly that it will actually  mesmerize you, no wonder this is Korea's national dish, and being grilled made it even more healthier.   Frying the chicken in a Bon Chon way may be a bit ridiculous but eating it is definitely addictive, grilling the Korean way is way more palatable.

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