Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Intrepid Search for the Prime Coffee

    A Coffee-addict, coffee-hoser,  coffee connoisseur or podhead,  whatever you call one person who consumes more than 3 cups of coffee a day would definitely love this place.  Don't get me wrong, I do love Starbucks, Seattle's Best and the likes of chained cafes. I do also love instant coffees, which our cupboards always have.   I had a coffee-maker once and have roasted coffees from the Barako type to Milan's most expensive and famous coffees.
     My intrepid search for prime coffee shops lead me to Bag of Beans, Tagaytay.
    Here is how we got there.   We went to Carmelray Industrial Park in Calamba, Laguna to meet some clients and had lunch with them at Leslies Restaurant.   Afterwhich, we went to SM Calamba, well in search for cup of joe perhaps, and maybe freshen up a bit.   We then decided to go to Tagaytay via Santa Rosa-Silang Rd.
     We did find the cruise to Silang breath-taking.   The town have developed quite rapidly due to lots of subdivisions being built.   But the sense of tranquility and rural-feel still lingers, as we feel the Tagaytay breezed through us.   Joined with the excitement that goes while exploring the road side for decent cafe to have coffees and bites.  We saw several though, but I don't know why  it is not in our good intention to stop. 

     Along the way was future places to go back to and capture the feel of those places, so do check my site out once in a while.    Places of interests are Paseo de Santa Rosa, Hotels and Garden Cafes along Silang, and well of course new restos being built in Tagaytay.  After the Bag of Beans experience was the trail back to Manila, this tie cruising the roads of Amadeo, the coffee capital of the Philippines.  Looking forward then for the "Pahimis Festival."   It might take me a lifetime to do all my plans, but what the heck, who wants a ride with me?
This led me to thinking, is there such a way to characterize a coffee-drinker to a certain type of coffee.  This I have to study, though I had you hanging with  my Bag of Beans dining experience.
So can you tell me what kind of coffee are you? I hope I know mine, since I find it hard to choose jut one variant.   In life I love diversity, same goes with my cup of coffee.   Now on my way to search a gourmet coffee house...
So are you a certified coffee-lover, yet?


  1. The problem with most cafes is that they tend to bend the rigid traditions of making coffee, especially cappuccino. Italians, who love the traditional espresso and cappuccino curse the makers of Starbucks and many other modern coffee shops, because they say that these new coffee shops don't know how to make coffee. The coffee culture here is so strictly traditional that they fail to appreciate new and creative ways of making coffee.

    Amadeo as the coffee capital of the Philippines? Hmmm, now i have a new entry to my itinerary for my vacation there next year!

  2. @ Mr Tripster, traditional as it is, we also Filipinos can make great coffees, most of the coffees being shipped abroad come here, not only do we brew perfect blends of coffee we produce them!


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