Sunday, March 6, 2011

BAKING 101 or 911: WITH MY KIDS, Part 1

 Look how messy our kitchen is!   Now, look at me!!  That is the look I have, stressed out and dead tired from teaching and assisting my kids as they have fun baking.  I would be lying if I tell you I didn't have fun.   The fact that my girls have grown to love my sweet treats and my pain-staking effort of cooking, is more than an accomplishment and a pleasure to me.   
A day without an accident in our house would be so odd.   So I had kinda expected something might happen while we do the steps in the recipe.   However clever I am to prevent such accidents I wished I could have magically stop time before anything bad would happen.   But the wrongdoings  as we know results in either disasters or even hurts.   My youngest daughter Danica almost cut her finger as I clipped the can-opener on the can.  She is indeed a cumbersome, she often do things without us approving it.  She is only 5 and have all our hands full of her.   Also, she bruised her knee, as she tripped off the chair while on her left foot dangled the cord of the hand mixer.   Good thing the mixer still runs.  It is Krups by the way.

So we made, an old-school fave Coconut Macaroons.   Butter cookies, Frosting for the cookies, and the first recipe I've tried from San Miguel Purefoods Baking Class, the Cheezee Caramel Bars.
Here are the products:

Fruity Coconut Macaroons

Danielle's Frosting

The Oh So Yummy, Cheezee Caramel Bar

The Butter Cookie Sandwiches, dusted with Nesquick
My Dana, 6 years old. was the one who made the Smiley design.

All the recipes of the yummies we made will be posted tomorrow at my other food blogsite,   So do watch out for it.

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