Sunday, March 20, 2011

March Celebrants at BURGOO

One of the things that is so hard to do in life is to go out of your routine, break your schedule, just to be with the people dear to you.   To share a laugh or  two and pour out life's anxieties and burdens are by all means shared by all.    Well, I guess not to everyone though.  But most busy and professional people long for quality, I mean real quality "friendship" time.   Reunions have been prevalent, thanks to social networking but what really matters is how you care for one another, not to vaunt or to adjudicate someone.  
The best of it all is you experience it either dining out or over a cup of coffee.   Today a plenitude of restaurants, coffee shops, bistros or even bars have been such cordial to the idea.   One of the best is Burgoo.   My friends and I, not only share a birth month, but also, love for food and cozy places to indulge in each others company.
Burgoo, at Gateway Mall, Araneta Center, vaunts of an all-American menu, well-heeled ambiance and top of the class service.   From where we were sat, is a very nice window view of Araneta.  What was so unique about their table was that it wasn't covered with fine linens but with tacky, recycled paper, about as big as "manila paper."  I was actually wondering why a wooden cup full of crayons was on our table.  Well it was for leaving a note behind or just an express your-self table.  Maybe for passing time as well while waiting for your order to be delivered.  Nonetheless, though we were starving, we didn't mind, because seeing and hearing from a friend is more than satisfying.

Yellow is the color of the modern kitchen, with it's cheery and clean look makes Burgoo's more classy and appealing.  Above all, the food is very much worth waiting for.
We first had Boneless Chicken Buffalo Chicken, oh not too spicy.  The appetizer goes so well with our smoothies.  Carmen had Blue Banana, a concoction of banana and blueberry.  
 My smoothie, Elephant Charger! I know! Sounds crazy right?  Looks new and exciting, but really yummy and healthy too.  A mix of banana, raspberry and grapefruit.  Would really charge up any elephant!
 Mozzarella sticks.
 Oriental Style Linguini, I never liked this one though, a bit salty and too much of a flavor for me.
Linguini with Clams.   Vongole, as what Italians call it, simple pasta dish, though this time for me lacks a bit of a flavor.   A bit dry, I guess they could improve on putting more olive oil and parmigiano.   Well it's supposedly an American dish so maybe this is how its cooked.   Good thing my friend TC didn't eat the bacon on her burger.   I knew that they are famous for their ribs and most of all burgers, so next time those will be my choice.
No desserts this time, but we headed to Figaro for a nice tea and coffee moment.   I had Peach Cappuccino, which is truly amazing with the mixed aroma of coffee and peach.  I didn't imagine it will taste different but yummy, very refreshing and gourmet.
Too bad we had to end the meet up so soon.  Araneta and Cubao has so much to offer but always out of my way.  That is why I took the time to explore Cubao Expo.  And boy, did Carmen and I really had so much fun.    Check out my next blog which is about this.

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