Monday, February 28, 2011

Sharing A Baking Seminar With My Foodie Friend

One of the things I love doing is baking and then eating them with my kids!  As a home-baker, I'm used to baking brownies, cupcakes and loaf cakes.   I would often browse the net to find easy-to-do and easy on the pocket baking recipes, and when i do, I often do them.  For one is, I am not sure if it will turn out well. Yes, I am a "sigurista" and I don't want to waste ingredients as well.  So the the best deal is I attend seminars such as this.   Good thing, I was able to see this add in one of my friend's blogs.
I have attended several baking classes, but none yet could compare to the baking demo my friend and I had last February 25 at San Miguel/Purefoods Culinary Center.   For one is they have a classy and new-fangled kitchen, complete with everything you'll be needing for cooking and baking.

  Another is the instructor.   Chef Paul Camaclang headed the group in making scrumptious and sure-fire recipes.   He made the baking demo lively and jovial.

Here he was making Coffee Lady Fingers.
Pastel Walnut Pocket Pie  and Peanut Twists                                  

Tableya Cinncmon Swirls

We were thought simple roll and knead doughs and a few techniques in making styles in baking.

Hands-on making siopao.
See how much fun were having making Whole Wheat Siopao.

Sounds new and unique, right?
Cheezee Caramel Bars, before baking
Bonus Recipe, Cream Cheese Tableya Brownies
The finished products!

Chef Paul, Julie and me...
San Miguel Purefoods invite you to a series of Workshops and classes, and I encourage you do!
I can't wait to start baking again and hopefully earning again from these goodies, which I used to 9 years ago.
Visit their Website at:
Call them at:  6405453 look for Ms. Rochelle
What we had was BOS 2, that's Business Opportunities Series: Take Home Surprises:
                                                                                                Unique Pasalubong Ideas
BOS 3: Party Packs: The Finest Food to-Go Dishes
                  March 11, 2011, 130 pm
BOS 4: Supreme Frozen Desserts
                  March 25, 2011, 130 pm

They also have classes for those who never really have cooked and baked yet but would want to, so better call them now and ask about it.

Do take time to read my Recipes Section, I will be demonstrating my favorite recipe from that class to share with you, at  soon!

Happy Baking!


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