Tuesday, February 8, 2011


      A nice afternoon deserves a cool whip of a snack, this time I won't be the one to prepare it.  It was even better to share it with a friend who always prays for you and share time.  Happened at the Red Mango, in Mall of Asia.   Together with her cutee son, Nzo, we headed to the second floor of MOA and ordered ourselves frozen yogurts.

Blueberries and Cream Waffles

The heart-shaped waffle is very timely for the season of hearts and lovers.  The Valentine month.    I am wondering , why they didn't have this in strawberry flavor, hearts in red syrup and slices of strawberries, that could be spectacular.
Or maybe, strawberry flavored yogurt...
Nzo's treat, Vanilla Frozen Yogurt topped with fruity crisps and chocolate chips

Banana Almond Waffles

     I never thought eating yogurt could this be exciting.  I never knew it can also be served as toppers for waffles.   More so I had it with bananas and slivers of almonds.   Soooo scrumptious!!!   The wall is crunchy outside and soft on the inside, and drizzled with maple syrup.  Whoever is reading this better try this ASAP, goes the same for the Bluberries n' cream variation. 
Julie and son Nzo, enjoying their frozen yogurts
     According to my friend Julie, her son Nzo never really like yogurts, however we encouraged him if he would want to try and have it with his choice of toppings, he did and, well, he did not finish the small cup size which for me the serving is so much for him.   They really serve a heapful.  
Red Mango cafes' offers 100 % all natural yogurt in classic and green tea flavor.   I was actually looking forward to tasting their new product, the blueberry frozen yogurt, and was going to use my voucher from Deal Grocer, but the offer will yet to be out on the 21st of February.   Never mind, I still was able to use my voucher and for the first time tried their yummy and healthy yogurt.  
Another reason for me to come back to Red Mango,  and have a try of their "berry-licious blueberry froyo."

      The place is good for enjoying companies of friends or just chilling out and have a healthy snack or dessert.   How's a Valentine treat for your honey here, sounds?
The cafe in MOA actually is located overlooking the Manila Sea Bay and the best to view sunset whilst enjoying a healthy treat from Red Mango. 

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