Monday, February 7, 2011

Goldilocks Cake Deco Expo 2

Goldilocks  Bakeshop had been so well-loved since 1966 and as far as I could remember it has been a tradition in our family to have one every time we celebrate a special occasion.   From my childhood birthday  celebration to my kids.   This time a lot have evolved in the baking industry, yet Goldilocks still remains preferred by most Filipinos.   As a mom it is important to me that my kids are happy and that they will have precious memories of our family celebrations, and cakes are the best instrument for this.   As an experienced baker, it is my dream to make on my own a special  cake for their birthdays.   

A lot of opportunities were opened for me to take lessons on cake decorating, but alas, was not able to do such.   This time, Goldilocks invited bakers and customers to their much awaited Cake Deco Expo 2.  Thank God I won through their Facebook fan page a free invite to this event.  I've been waiting for Wilton to do workshops here, and they did,  to the effort of Goldilocks and its sponsors.  Sandra Folsom, Director of Wilton School of USA, conducted a two-day workshops , February 5 and 6.  
The pictures I had posted will give you a few details of what was in store for the people who came in the event.

 Just a few of the themed cakes Goldilocks offers to their customers.

Chef Penk Ching on the main stage, teaching us basics of decorating a Valentine's cake.  Here she is cutting a series of hearts made of  fondant.
Chef Penk Ching

 Chef Heny Sison also graced the stage and taught us how to make Color Flow to decorate a  Black and White Damask Wedding Cake, hhhmmm, inspired from her apron.

New Zealand Creamery Booth

Pour n' Whip Booth with their chiffon cake samplers

Avoset Display case

Wilton/Gourdo's Booth, Chocolate truffles on tree rack

Gourdo's cupcakes

Ferna Corp.'s Booth

Cake made by Chef Penk Ching

Also by Chef Penk Ching

Cake by Chef Heny Sison

DIY pack, includes ready to use boiled icing, candy sprinkles, topper and ensaymada

My finished product

Intercollegiate Cake Deco winners' pictures

I have to say something about this picture, my daughters were the one who decorated this ensaymada, which i had brought home as "pasalubong" -DIY packs from Goldilocks,  proving how easy and fun decorating cakes can be.

More Cakes

These are treats for kids and adults alike but can not be eaten


  1. Nice! Viagra ice cream, the ice cream that won't let men down. LOL!

  2. At lasr i was able to taste the viagra flavored ice cream and it was just bubble gum flavor hahaha!

  3. heard there's another cake expo coming up this feb 26,2011? true? how much was the entrance fee?

  4. Ate Joy!!!!!!!! Bf and I will go at the said expo on Sunday. I caaaaaaaaaaan't wait! :) I do baking before and I miss it so much. Hope to see you again!


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