Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Best Indian Cuisine in the Banana Republic

New Bombay
Authentic Indian Cuisine

   The good thing about internet nowadays is being able to buy stuffs online.   Advertising in the internet can be costly or costless   On the second hand, customers like me, who often puts value for money next to quality of food and service, finds it delightful to  hunt for good dining bargains.
   It was time for me to try out new things and enjoy  God's blessing in all the areas of the said LIFE.
   Little did I know that buying e-tickets and online vouchers will really come in handy in my new found hunger for life.   Dining in New Bombay, to be honest, is my first experience in this matter.   I used a Buyanihan voucher to pay for our food that would have cost P500, but the voucher only cost P200.   The allotted deal was enough for two heads, well that depends on what you will choose from the menu.   Whatever excess in the bill is what you just have to pay.  

Here are the foods we ordered:

For appetizer, we had SAMOSA, triangle empanadas filled potatos mashed the Indian way.
It has two dips, the tangy Tamarind chutney and green coriander chutney.  Both are amazingly new to my palate.  Both dips makes the yummy crusty pastry tastes better and blends so well with the potato filling that is mildly seasoned.

Samosa dipped in coriander chutney, moderately spicy with the leafy taste.

Chicken Tikka Masala, the main dish.
The flaming hot plate...Everything is out of my world.  I'm not a picky eatery, however, i don't like very spicy dishes.  Eaten with either rice or chapatti, an unleavened bread.  We tried it both, and even went scale higher with Cheese Naan, like chapatti but has cheese inside.

I guess eating spices became their second nature.

The Chappatti
To trully enjoy Chicken Tikka Masala, one has to dip a portion of the Chappatti to the dish.  

Of course I have to try their Chais, Hot Indian Tea.   Good to balance the mix of spice you had.   Though I never dared to drink Ginger Tea or Salabat, now I know how it tastes and feels like.   To even spike it up, it has milk and sugar, those are just what I recognized, I don't know what the concoction is, but one should not leave the place without trying this.

And to finish my meal, I had to try KULFE, an Indian Ice Cream.   It is made of low fat milk, saffron and dry fruits.  I know that saffron is the most expensive spice, and I never had recipes using the coveted spice.  Saffron makes the dish pink and more appealing to the senses.
Could you imagine a dessert with spice?!...

I love this Kulfe!

I don't want to say a mouthful, since my mouth really spoke to me!  Wheew!  I think I'm getting accustomed myself to the spicy gastronomic reverie.  
Do visit New Bombay, they have a file of  almost all of the dish in the Indian Cuisine, Shorba (soup),  Vegetarian Tandoori, Chicken and seafood dishes, and a lot, lot more.

We tried it at their main branch at Sagittarius Bldg., H.V. Dela Costa.   But we were at the Columns (Malugay St.) first to check out their restaurant.  Both venues look appealing though.

From here on I will be rating my ridiculous adventure for food.


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  1. All dishes look wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey Eftycia,
    Tnx for visiting! Good thing you liked my review, hope you visit Philippines and try out our food market!
    Thank you also for the posts I read at food buzz, keep it up!



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